This website is dedicated to the Class of 1957.
It's a fun place to visit, with Photo Galleries and BIO's
In case you've forgotten, your class colors were aqua & charcoal gray 

This wonderful website was the product of  Ron Hoth's love and devotion to the Class of 1957. Ron passed away on  05/02/2013 at 3:48 a.m.  It's unique in its content and reflects the amount of hours given to gather and include as much of the history of this great Class and its great school. Ron will be sorely missed!!

When I took over his project I quickly discovered that his method of Website coding and what I was accustomed to were vastly different.  Initially I attempted to do some updating and quickly found that I was doing more damage than good and have decided that for me to continue to webmaster it would require me to, for the most part, dismantle his form of  web authoring and do it "my way". But rather than take a big bite and loose his personality in it's content, I've decided to change this Home page only. When you click below you will be transported back in time to his coding personality, and I think you will enjoy it more that way.

So here we go!!!!!
Click here to go back in time and enter the Proviso Township High School Class of 1957 website

While I had the Centennial website going I received a number of  old and new pics that may be of interest. I also plan to have a webpage apart from Ron's website which will have any updates that I can't figure out how to add to his webpages. You will see that I did update his Provi Covers page tthrough the 2015 Provi.
Click here to see what's not included on his website.