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Last Updated 09/26/12


09/26/12 - Ted Leber, Bill Baur, Joyce Henry-Zanoni, and Char Geitz-Donegan all sent me the link to

this incredible website, called CraigsLostChicago.  Be sure to click on each of the tabs across the top.


04/11/12 - Bill Baur sent me a link to a really great set of 1939-1943 color slides recently rediscovered in

The Library of Congress.  Slides 46-50 are of the Proviso Yards, in Melrose Park; here they are.






03/19/12 - Tony Perrino sent me a link to a 16 pg. website on REALLY old Chicago, from about 1896-1912.


08/19/11 – Dennis Batterman sent me this Chicago Tribune link about what happened to Kiddieland’s rides.


08/19/11 – Mike Kowal sent me this link to the history of The Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Melrose Park.


08/11/11 – Mike Kowal sent me the link to this great YouTube slideshow of Chicago.  Their description:


The slide show covers many years, many landmarks, some gone some still around.

From Riverview to Superdawg, Russell's to Franksville, trolley busses to Jensen Slides, and many more.


08/16/10 – Patt Cafferata-Hoth sent me this great PowerPoint presentation of photos of Chicago.


08/05/10 – Also back in June, I stole this photo of Russell’s BBQ from Mike O’Brien’s Centennial stuff J

BTW, Russell’s is still going strong, and we still enjoy their stuff from time-to-time.


08/05/10 – Back in June, Jerry Williams gave us some photos of ‘places gone by’ in Chicago.


We all remember having a soda at the Woolworth’s counter!  The gorgeous Carson’s loop building.


Benjamin Moore, once at 25th, and North in Melrose Park, now occupied by a HOOTERS????


07/13/10 – While not technically IN Chicago, Tony Perrino reminds of the feast held every year

at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, in Melrose Park, via this great 108th year anniversary VIDEO.


12/06/09 – I moved most of the Chicago stuff from Fun Things to this Chicago page.


12/04/09 – Tony Perrino sent me the following email, of a great set of old Chicago photos!


This is one you're going to love to look at and I bet you have not seen

them before. A lot of flashbacks in these pictures and memories.


All of the following photos are Copyright 2005 David R. Phillps

Chicago Board of Trade – 1933                                                                                                          Elevated Tracks - 1936  
Chicago Black Sox – 1919                                                                                                                   Chicago Cubs - 1907  

Edgewater Beach Hotel - 1930's                                                                                               Chicago Theater - 1930's  


Chicago River  - 1936                                                                                                           Oak Street Beach  - 1931  
Maxwell Street  - 1932                                                                                         Museum of Science & Industry - 1933


Wrigley Field - World Series – 1932                                                      First Airmal Flight - Grant Park - 1918  
Open Air Bus – 1927                                                                                                            Merchandise Mart - 1935  
                                Riverview  - 1938                                                                                   Palmolive Building  - 1930  
Chicago River  - 1930's                                                                                                        Oak Street Beach  - 1916  
Grant Park – 1937                                                                                                                Lincoln Park  - 1931  
76th Street Pier – 1913                                                                                        Ferris Wheel - 1893  

Chicago Stockyards – 1905

End of David R. Phillps photos


10/06/09 – Jerry Williams provided the following 9 fun photos/memories.


I’ll meet you under the Field’s clock, for dinner and a play!


Wieboldt’s, one of the other great Chicago department stores, now gone.


Polk Brothers, yet another great place to shop, also gone.


The old Harvester plant, where, coincidentally, both Jerry’s and my Dad worked.


Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.



The old Comiskey Park, home of the Chicago White Sox.  The price has sure gone up from $1.50!


Once called Orchard Place, it’s now O’Hare Field.  Dad worked there in ’45, when it was Douglas Aircraft!


8/08/09 – Joyce Henry-Zanoni sent me a link to a most amazing MGM video on Chicago in 1948.


7/12/09 – Tony Perrino provided this great PowerPoint presentation of Chicago At Its Best.


Here We Have Some Great Old Photos Of Chicago Dating, Coincidentally From 1939

The Year I, And Many Of You, Was/Were Born

Compliments Of Patt Cafferata-Hoth, Who Sent Them To Me

Nostalgic Chicago pictures

Great to look at these old pictures of the city. 

All those of State Street sure to attest to the fact it is a Great Street.  

The snowstorm of 1967 brings back memories.   


Chicago 1936

Chicago 1941

Chicago 1947

Chicago 1950

Chicago 1950

Chicago 1960

Chicago 1962

Chicago 1964

Chicago 1966

Chicago 1967

Chicago 1970

Chicago 2003

Chicago 2003

Chicago 2007


A BIG THANKS!  To All Of You Who Contributed To This Page....



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