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Frances L. Anderson

2485 Rolling Ridge

Elgin, IL  60124


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After high school I worked as a secretary for sixteen years.  I was married to Jack Meilahn, class of '54, for ten years.  We divorced, but I have remained friends with him and his family.  I remarried and had two children.  I stayed home after my children were born.  Leah will be 35 this September and Daniel will be 32 in October.  Leah has two children--Noelle will be 10 in December and Alexander will be 8 in November.  I worked part-time for three years after my second divorce in 2001.  (For the record, at the time of my second divorce my ex- told me it wasn't me, it was him...ha, ha, ha...does that line ring a bell with anyone?..he forgot to mention "him and someone else.").  In 2006 I moved from Lombard, where I had been since 1968, to a retirement community in Elgin (I call it "Old Peoples's  'Disney' Village" where everything looks perfect, except the old people, of course, and me being one of them).  The good part of 'Disney' is I am only ten minutes away from my daughter and grandchildren. I don't see my son as often because he and his wife live in Boston.  Looking back, life has been good and I am happy--just wish my physical body was a smidge younger, well, maybe a lot more than a smidge.



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