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Dennis Batterman                                                                                                                                                                  623-398-0408

606 S. 233 Rd Lane

Buckeye, AZ. 85308


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Ooook Ron here ya go...


Joined Navy after school and boot camped in sunny San Diego. Got married after boot camp and lost wife shortly there after. Married again in 1960 to a Memphis, Tenn. gal.  Five children later I'm ready for the funn thefunny farm.  But in spite of them we made it through it all, and raised them to adults.


They in turn got married and bore us 7 natural grandkids and 4 more by marriage, and they in turn bore us, me, 3 great grandkids. Wife passed away 4 yrs ago. I am a machinist by trade and recently retired from APS, Arizona Public Service and am still working in a shop close to home. Buckeye, Az. We design and fabricate custom gates, signs, interior and exterior furnishings, as well as sheet metal work, welding, and machine work. Some of our work can be seen at our web site ( still under construction)

So if you get any negative feed back from my pic then just remove it.  lol Open-mouthed smiley emoticon








                                      In Dennis' Words:  Heavy Winds And Nice Heel, In S.F. Bay


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