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                                  What do these two have in common?  Neither one ever quits!


Editor's note:  Ain't NOBODY else gonna match Harry for an exciting life!  The PTHS57 version of 007!  :-)

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04/13/11 – Harry’s latest update:  Incidentally......it is now EIGHT books with another coming out in May then probably one each month for the rest of the year.  They are all available through Sharkhunters or Amazon.


01/26/11 – Harry’s latest efforts:  Just a bit of an update...........I published five books last year between May and September; have three more coming out in the next couple weeks and probably five or six more over this year.  I have attached a file on the ones released.  New books.


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POB 1539

Hernando,FL 34442


E-mail Address:  sharkhunters@earthlink.net


Okay, you asked for it....I'll probably be kicked out after this. School at UW; 4 years US Air Force where I commanded a six man team loading hydrogen bombs onto USAF bombers; into the business world but also raced locally (O'Hare Stadium), gave the racing news on Motorsports International on Channel 26; then raced the super speedways and was a feature editor with Stock Car Racing Magazine; left the working world and set out on my 30 foot sailboat for the Caribbean with a blond, a brunette and a redhead (24, 24 and 25 years of age) and I was 40; returned some years later; worked about six months with four really big guys collecting hard to collect debts for the Mafia; became one of the world's leading experts on the German U-Boats in World War II; did a couple off-the-books ops for the CIA in the Soviet Union and Red China; produced a couple programs for the History Channel; served with the U.S. Coast Guard (Aux.) and reached the rank of full Lieutenant and was a Flotilla Commander.. .and now at age 68,1 have a 20 year old son and 17-year old daughter.


For what it's worth, I just returned from an expedition to South America where I found the remains of the atomic research laboratories set up by the Germans two years AFTER the end of World War II.  Yes, a very large group did indeed, leave Europe for South America.


Yes, I retired in my early 40's and sailed off to the Bahamas with a blond, a brunette and a redhead but I guess I am UNretired and this is the kind of work I now do.


Harry Cooper

Homeroom 38...............Miss Wheeler

























                           A Glimpse Into Harry's Exciting Life - With Harry's Commentaries


           I'm chuckling over the 'war wounds' received when a rotten     This is the atomic reactor building, blown up sometime in the 1960's

              old dock dropped me a few feet through the old wood



                        This was the main laboratory building                Power generating station where big diesel motors turned huge generators



Me with the Command Staff of the Submarine Squadron of the Argentine Navy      A couple friends I met in the far outback part of Patagonia

                                                                                            .........friendly people there - Ed. Note:  Uh, I'll say!  :-)



                           The other two pix are just friendly people I met in Buenos Aires............I like this place!

                    Uh, this is one of Harry's new 'students'                                        Oh, yeah, for sure, Dude - LOL


                  Following Are More Of Harry's Exploits, Preceded By His Own Commentary

The one in motion was taken at the Texas 500 and I'm doing about 190mph as I'm passing #19.  Some laps later, I blew the

engine in the race car.  Heading home to Chicago, I blew the engine in the hauler truck.  When I got back to work at Searle

that Monday morning I learned that my boss had quit.  I quit, got a boat and went to live in the Islands.  Was much easier

pace........4mph in a sailboat rather than 190mph in the car - and I could make a sandwich while sailing.  I stuck in a couple

photos of the boat as well.  The one under sail - we had departed Nassau some 40 miles earlier and were approaching the

Allens Cays.  I say we because I left Chicago with a blonde, a brunette and a redhead who were 24, 24 and 25 years old and

I was 40.  Well, not TOO much stress!


PS:  I built that boat.


Editor's Note:  Eat your hearts out guys; what were WE all doing at ages 35-40, for excitement, compared to Harry????  LOL








        And, Lastly, More Of Harry's Exploits, In His 'Vette, Preceded By His Own Commentary.

        If Nothing Else, Ya Gotta Admire His Philosophy; It Sure Keeps Life From Becoming Dull!



Yah - with the Velcro sideburns, right?  And 50 pounds lighter as well.  I live by this theory..............when each person

is born, God places a rickety old cardtable in front of them with all the pieces of the puzzle that will eventually become your

life.  Most never finish the puzzle.  Those few who do, guard the puzzle jealously to their death.  Me?  I finish the puzzle,

look at it for a while - then kick the legs out from under the table and go looking for another puzzle.  Keeps life from getting

dull - and it prevents me from wearing clothes that make me look like a Kansas City pimp while playing golf!  I drive a torch red

vintage Corvette - hard!  In fact, I got my first speeding ticket in years last month.  I picked up my daughter from school and

we were going along this out in the country four lane divided, doing about 110 or 120, but we had to go to WalMart just over

the next hill, so I dropped down a gear and as I came over the hill.........at 78 mph, there was Florida Highway Patrol!  When

you are stopped by FHP, you ARE going to get a ticket, and I did.  It was only $188 but in Florida, they have a neat deal to

keep points off your license and keep the insurance company from finding out..............you go to traffic school - and you can

take it on line!  Then answer 40 really stupid questions, and you get a real, live certificate to bring to the DMV and they erase

the whole problem.  And traffic school cost just twenty bucks.


I've attached a couple pix of the 'Vette - one with me, the other with my kids.  This was about three years ago.




Several years ago, I was coming home from a Flotilla meeting........I was Vice Flotilla Commander of our local U. S. Coast Guard

(Aux) Flotilla, and saw this Corvette sitting in a used car lot, so I stopped to look at it.  The price was an incredible $5,000!  Even

though the 'Vette sure didn't look like this - paint was faded silver over faded black - but five grand for an '81 'Vette was really

low.  It was late and the lot was closed, so I just went on home.  I pushed the button on my voice mail and my doctor's message

was; "Your tests came back, Mr. Cooper.  Good news - I was wrong.  You don't have cancer after all."  As you might imagine, I was pretty

damn happy!  Next morning, I grabbed my checkbook and told my wife I was going for a haircut but drove straight for the car lot.

The salesman was a young kid.  We took the 'Vette for a ride - everything was fine.  I used to sell cars, so after about thirty

seconds, I had the kid down to $4,000 and pulled out my checkbook.  No, he needed cash so I said we'll hop into my new 'Vette

and go to the bank.  Damn - almost out of gas - so he said to pull into the gas station - and HE PAID for a full tank of gas!

Cashed the check at my bank, got the title, he was happy.............then because I have so many bank accounts, some offshore,

and passed money and paper around, things got confused and the money never came out of one account into another so in essence,

the Corvette was free.


When I got home, my wife said - great, now you don't die from cancer, you'll die kissing a tree at 130mph.  I reminded her that

I used to drive the superspeedways and 130 was pace lap speed.  I founded a local Corvette club and one of the members was a

fantastic Corvette expert, so we redid the car from top to bottom, and that is the result of six months HARD work - but well worth it.


Oh yah, I built the Corvette club to some 180 members and the annual show we put on, with me as the promoter, had more than

400 Corvettes from all the states east of the Mississippi and from Canada as well plus dozens of vendors, Hooters girls and more.

It was the biggest Corvette show in the entire southeast.  Then my 'humble' self pissed off a few people in the club, and I got

kicked out of my own damn club!  They just had the annual show - about 100 Corvettes, half a dozen vendors and no Hooters girls.

Pardon me if I smile a bit - but they did me a favor.  The 20 hours per week I spent on the club was refocused to Sharkhunters

and we are doing even better than before - thank God.


Okay - that's it from this little slice of Paradise.  Got to head out the door for the two hour drive to Orlando Airport.  I'm

heading east - a few days in Bavaria, then a week in Ukraine.  Back home on the 30th, so don't expect any emails until then.


Editor's Note:  Harry, I wish I had HALF your energy, at 'our' age.  I can only wish you continued, exciting, adventures!!!


Harry’s Honors

PS:  For what it's worth, and it ain't much................

*  I am listed in "Who's Who";

*  in the Marquis "Who's Who in America";

*  also in "Who's Who in Business Leaders";

*  I am an honorary Russian Submarine Officer (St. Petersburgh Flotilla);

*  I was decorated with the Russian "Admiral Kusnitsov Medal" for humanitarian works

*  Decorated with the "Landes Ehrenzeichen in Gold" from Kaernten, Austria;

*  Decorated with the "Landed Ehrenzeichen in Gold" from Salzburg, Austria;

*  Decorated with the "Ulrichsberg Silber Grosskreuz" from southern Austria;

*  Was designated "Ambassador to Ulrichsberg", an annual Memorial tribute too all who fell in battle no matter what uniform.


There's more but like I said............it isn't worth much.



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