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Sandra & Doug Fisher-Rapp                                                                                    501-759-3078

26 Faith Ln

Bigelow, AR 72016


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A mom of 2 grown children, Reba and Mark.  I worked for 22 years on large IBM mainframe programming, designing and maintaining mostly accounting applications.  Managed a BA before I was forty and got a CPA certificate in Illinois.  Mostly a homebody who never was out of the country until 2 years ago and have missed most of the United States, a traveling retirement sounded like a good idea.  I have found that I am an anxious traveler.  Nearly running out of diesel in the Texas desert last year did not help, nor the damage I caused our 5th wheel.  Well, Doug helped with some of it, but I did the most and worst.  My daughter brags about my escapades and I think my son worries.  He's the silent type, "yup" or "nope" is considered conversation with him.  My husband of almost 19 years is my third and it looks like it has taken.  Now that we have a banged up RV we just want to figure out the best use for it.  This is our second winter to the southwest and we're headed southern California.





Married 1960, to Patt Cafferata; 2 girls, Lisa and Denise; 1 g/son, Zac; divorced 1974, but best of friends ever since; 'came out of the closet.'  Worked in data processing for 47 years, ending as Director of Information Security, for World Savings Bank, San Antonio, TX.  Lived in SF 10yrs, transferred by World to SA, in 1994, lived there 7 years; moved to Westchester and telecommuted for 3 years; retired 2004.









Time Out For Ginger, Junior Class Play - November, 1955

Sandy Fisher, Belinda Streit, Lois Barsema, Kent Smith



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