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Char Geitz-Donegan

1023 Wheatland Drive

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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Here goes:  Graduated in June of 57', married in July of 57', to Leonard Bruntz (he went to Proviso as well, but did not graduate).  He died of cancer in 64'.  I had 3 children, Kathleen, Sandra & Mike (Kathy will be 50 tomorrow).


Married again to John (Jerry) Donegan for over 40yrs; he died Jan. 2005.  One more daughter, Mary Catherine.  We lived in Addison for about 25yrs.


I was a hairdresser for yrs, and owned my salon in Bloomingdale; sold and went into beauty supply business, until I retired.


Kathy and Mike are married, but no children.  Sandy has 3 boys Mike, Max, & Nick Twentyfive; yes that is their last name. They live in New York, and are now grown boys.


Mary also has 3 boys, Romaus, Blaise, and Elvis; a home in Barrington, these guys are still young.


My license plates are grsonX6.....  (Editor's note:  LOVE the license plate!)


Not a very exciting life, but fulfilling, working and taking care of 4 kids.  We built 3 homes of which the last is in Crystal Lake.


I had 2 heart attacks, a very severe one in 1989, the next one was just last year; now on meds, and doing very well.


Hobbies...I LOVE to make greeting cards on my computer.  I print them and then embellish them; keeps me busy when I am not taking care of my grandsons (which is most of my time).














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