Joyce Henry's BIO:      

                                                                                                                               w/grandaughter Samantha's arm :-)


Joyce Henry-Zanoni                                                                                                                          813-633-8567

1713 Wolf Laurel Dr.

Sun City, FL 33573


E-mail Address:

I got married in July of 57 to Dave Zanoni, we had four sons, the first of which was born exactly one year after we got married. He was a " Mongoloid " child by the name of Davey. My husband and I were both very active in the "Mongoloid Development Council " in Illinois for many years. My husband of 34 years passed away at the age of 60 from cancer in 1991. He lived long enough to see the first of our eight grandkids and one great-grandchild. My oldest son Davey and I now live in Sun City Center, FL. just a few miles from another son Jeff who lives in Valrico with his family. My other two sons live in Ill., one in Oswego with his family, the other in Carol Stream with his family.













                                                          Joyce With Her Family                                             


                                      Son-Jeff, DIL-Lori, Gdghtr-Samantha, Joyce, Son-Davey



                                                           Eat Your Heart Out!


                                                        Joyce's View In The Evening


                             Joyce's Childhood Memories - Living On The West Side At 3226 Madison St.

                             Upper Right, In Front Of The Graemere Hotel, Has Special Meaning To Me;

                                     My Grandfather Would Hold 'The Annual Family Dinner' There.

                           Two Of The Photos Show Joyce In Garfield Park, For Those That Remember It.



                                             Would YOU like to be Queen For A Day?



                                                       How Joyce Helped Others

                               Photo Of Part Of Her Badge, That She Wore As A Bus Driver

                                                 With Joyce's Own Commentary, Below.


       The badge came from the time I gave up Special Ed. for a very short period of time, to drive a commuter bus in Glen Ellyn that had

        less pressures on me, as my husband had become very ill, and died within 5 months.  After things went back to somewhat normal again

        I went back to my first love dealing with special needs children. Can't really put my dealings with Special Ed. Children in a couple

        sentences because that was a major part of my life having one of my own, and dealing with so many beautiful children one of which I'm

        still great friends with today and who has come down to Florida to visit me.                                                                         


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