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While I perceived I was neither popular with my peers in high school nor did I attempt to seek their approval, the adult world saw things quite differently, including several high school teachers and college professors who became some of my adult friends. I became the president of the Broadview Sportsmen’s Club (an adult family group) before the age of 20, and Trustee/Treasurer of the Broadview Police Pension Fund. After a few unrewarding years in law school with the second Mayor Richard Daley and similar personalities, I earned my MBA (#1 in the class). I then moved to New York to seek out life’s opportunities and marry a gal, Janet, who I met 10 years earlier when I landed high school summer work in Connecticut as a camp counselor and activities director. The only local work available to me while at Proviso was either washing pots/pans or digging trenches on construction jobs, and it was the jocks who qualified for the latter. So I scoured the newspapers/magazines and spent my four high school summers working at camps in different states across the U.S.


As I expected, New York City was a cornucopia of opportunity as a reward for talent and merit. I chaired various business organizations and received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Association of Systems Management. And I had the opportunity of working alongside my peers who were leaders in business, education, and founders of information technology applications, such as RCA and AT&T.


During my spare time before I retired in 1980, I became a feature writer and columnist for a business trade publication which had coverage across the continents, and a course developer/lecturer on information/computer technology for New York University and the New York State Society of CPAs. In 1974, two college professors recruited me to sell the idea and write as their lead author Fortran IV, A Self Teaching Guide, which became a J. Wiley & Sons “Best Seller” on the college campus scene (English and Spanish editions) until Basic became popular in 1980 for computer programming in business courses.


Always one to help others, I shared my discovery of virtual memory in the early 1960s, which I developed out of necessity since the largest computer memories available to me for business research at that time were 20K. In the mid-1970s I needed background processing in a multi-user environment. Although this was not a feature of the computer systems available to small and medium sized business at the time, I spent a weekend reading through the technical manuals, wrote a background processing software application, and came into the office on Monday to install it and use a paper clip to complete a circuit in a terminal connector – and made history, as background processing now became a common feature for business computers.


I decided to retire in 1980 after having worked for others doing “their thing,” such as youth social worker, senior management consultant, certified public accountant, vice president of information technology/administration, university educator, and professional SCUBA instructor. During the retirement years, I had some fun in the IT field and founded a software company which became McDonnell Douglas’s third largest software dealer/developer in the US – not quite #1, but I wasn’t trying. I then stopped working for monetary compensation to do things I really wanted to do with my family.


In the 1980s, I was listed multiple years in each of the Marquis publications: Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and Who’s Who in the World.


Since then, Janet and I have traveled the world over several times, typically working on wildlife research expeditions with our lifetime of practical experience and self-taught knowledge – Africa, South America, Central America, and Australia (alongside Steve and Terri Erwin at their zoo). That’s why I was asked to found Biosphere Expeditions Inc – North America, where I currently serve as its Chair and Director. In Spring, 2011, Janet, and I return on our third expedition to Africa to a new site to study leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, their prey species, and rhinos.


As long as I can remember the details of my adult life, I served on numerous 501(c)(3) boards, and recently rejoined the board at Angel Flight Southeast/Mercy Flight Southeast, Inc. as a director and its secretary. Since 1993, when Janet finally let me earn my pilot’s license (no more higher education expenses), we moved from the New York area to Central Florida to a mixed-age community – with woods, citrus and banana trees, and a pond in our backyard. I spend most of my time enjoyably toiling on Angel Flight/Mercy Flight matters and spend 100% of my flying time (typically IFR) to transport patients in my aircraft across the southeast and lower U.S. I also serve as a volunteer educator at the local zoo and the art museum.


We have three lovely girls who have loving husbands, and they have provided us with awesome grandchildren. All of the adult children and their husbands either are self-employed or own their business firms, having learned well from us. And they, too, live conveniently near which enables frequent visiting.





























































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