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Barbara Kent-Hassenplug-Price                                                                                                                                                       407-257-0645

4728 State Rd 26W

West Lafayette , IN  47906


1213 Noble Place

Orlando, FL 32801


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Illinois to Indiana to Florida back to Indiana now. (It's warmer in Florida.) but half the grandchildren are in indiana (the team Hassenplug part).
Jobs or businesses from lettershop, Bridal consultant, doing everything for the wedding, from flowers, making dresses, cakes to photos.  After
losing my second husband I moved to Orlando Florida, more wedding stuff, then to back stage wardrobe, relaxation, flotation (massage therapy), 
(I like owning my own businesses) One of the first to start drivers ed for motorcycles in 1993. wanted to teach women how to ride PMS
-- Personal Motorcycle Safety. over 6000 students ride safer in Florida.  Most of the motorcycle schools in Florida had their start going through
one of my classes.
Moving on. . . traded in the 20 training Motorcycle, Trailer, and truck for a class B RV and traveled for several years. I see I'm not the only
one.  With my Son and family right now. He's a Lego robotic fan.  Life goes on.


















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