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Marie Kohl Dibble (Mike)

101 High Country Way

Morgantown, GA 30560

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June thru September

P.O. Box 76,

Atlantic Mine, MI 49905

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Basically, after Proviso, I attended Michigan Technological University-Houghton, MI-in metallurgical engineering for  2 1/2 years.  In Sept. of 1959, I married a fellow student(Mike) that graduated in mineral dressing and geology.  Our 50th wedding anniversary is approaching next fall.


Since our school days we have lived in MI, CO, FL, PA, AZ, CA, Peru, Brazil, FL, OK, FL and GA--in that order.  All related to employment moves except the one to GA.  Being here in the mountains is our reward in life.  We have also done some pleasure traveling that included Europe, England, Scotland, most of South America, New Zealand, Canada and parts of Australia, South Africa, China and Fiji.  It has been interesting.


My husband left working for companies to become a private consultant in 1986 and semi retired 5 years ago.  Since then he has been working on a patent he has that involves the moving of bulk materials, i.e.., mine product, stone, rock, etc.  I just tag along and get to see interesting places.


We had two children.  Our son was an aerospace engineer and worked for Rockwell International on the Space Shuttle and Space Station at the Johnson Space Center.  Sadly he was killed in a car accident in 1994.  Our daughter has a BS, MS and PHD in chemical engineering and decided after working in the filed for a couple of years she didn't like it.  She returned to school and got her DVM and specialized in pathology.  She currently is working in Minneapolis for Medtronic.   She and her husband and our 6yr old granddaughter are our "family."


I have been in touch with Geri Leonhardt and she has given me updates on the 50th reunion and a lot of the Nixon people that I grew up with.  I haven't heard from her since last May, however, and hope that all is well there.  Also Marge Pogue Ruffer has sent me a lot of info over the past couple of years and I was in contact with Ron Johnson for a while a couple of years back.  Hard to keep up with one and all when too many "things" are happening.




































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