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I became an Actors' Equity Stage Manager- the union for professional actors and stage managers-in 1962 at Melody Top.- Hillside.  Remember that was the tent theatre-in-the-round. Got hired the same night the Asst. was fired because he screwed up his first cue. Right time, right place thing. $85 wk. contractual salary.  I was thrilled and continued for all the years since pursuing stage managing jobs all over. Lots of out of work too. Never having a choice of where to live. Always went where the work was. Most time spent in New York and Hollywood. Then Wichita, Houston, San Francisco, Rockford (teaching and directing at Boylan H.S. then B'way  for "JCSS" and 4 years of touring "JC Superstar". A crusifixation every day and sometimes 2 a day. Lots of stars in very many shows. Most lof them nice and like anyone else a few jerks and several divas (those are ones who think they are but aren't. Toured "Mame" w/ Jane Russell, "Fiddler on the Roof" w/ Gene Barry, a play "The Impossible Years" w/ George Gobel, Barbara Eden Cabaret Show, etc.etc. and many more- mostly musicals. As you know the stage manager is responsible for everything and everyone upstage of the footlights.


Last 23 years spent in entertainment management at Disney World- "the happiest place on earth".  Well almost.  Huge corporate operation  (not me) but I did things the right way which often made some big shots wonder. Great successful place to work with primo benefits. Yes, still get free tickets but never go there. Very bizzare things happening all my life. Friends think I should write a book. Certainly never a dull moment. The book would appear as science fiction. Theatre is still my passion & first love. No other work here in "the land that time forgot". Orlando sucks. Can't afford to move now. I do travel, see shows, get to New York a lot and do guest lecturing about careers in show business at UCF and high schools when asked. I tell it like it is-- nothing romantic, etc. By the time I finish, usually all balloons are burst and kids change their mind. As soon as I tell them all personal choices - making babies, family, parents, friends, etc. must be put on the "Back Burner" and you have to live like a gypsy for some time, that scares many away. Fortunately it is the ones with little or no talent. When teaching H.S. in Rockford and Chicago, many students went on to fabulous careers in the theatre and have become quite well known. That's always so satisfying to think I planted the seed for them to have the passion for show business, they bit and ran with it.


Without that passion and believing it is your #1 priority all the time, one gets nowhere. It takes, talent, persistence, time, patience and adaptability to any situation life throws at you. A few bucks saved also helps so you don't have to leech from parents. If you want theatre, New York is the place to move and audition for everything. Be prepared to live for 6 months without working- rent, food, dance and voice lessons, new headshots etc. ,Have experience and another skill so you can to work  a "civilian job."


I survived it all. And would do it again if younger with a few changes?  Hell, yes. I would get to NY sooner than I did, save some money and network a lot more.


Edit the above, Ron, and put as much in the Newsletter that you want. I have no secrets. Just trying to wake up each morning and crawl out of bed to begin chores.


 I'd love to correspond with someone about a life in show biz for their grandchildren, themselves or life inside the real Disney World. What can they do now? Fire Me?


Living on 2 pensions  -- All the years of Equity work and 21 years at Disney-- and Soc. Sec. No wives, no kids, but male partner,Joe, for last 26 years. Life is not perfect. Is it for you or anyone else from the class of '57 ? I never liked living here in Florida because mainly of weather-- yes, the weather. Do you like 98 humidity with a temp of 97 10 months of the year? I think not.


I have rambled on too long. You can always count on me to talk about anything-- serious or funny-- to fill space in the newsletter.  Oh, those innocent days at PTHS.


Somewhat prepared me for the last 64 years of my life.
















































     Chuck Doing What He Loves Best - Stage Managing For Professional Theater - Circa 1969


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