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This is a daunting task.  How do I say it without bragging, complaining, confessing or embellishing.  Since Ron nudged me into this a few days ago, I pondered what I've accomplished, not accomplished, and what lies ahead as time gets sucked away.


The nutshell is, after Proviso I went to Monmouth College for two years - culture shock after our large H.S.  Nursing was my intention which I almost changed to literature being inspired by a great professor.  Thought it might be more fun talking about Shakespeare than working in a hospital but I took the main road and went to Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital where I received a BSN.


Jack and I met at Judy Smrzley's wedding -- remember Judy?  He graduated from Grinnell College, received an MBA from Northwestern University, and was with Continental Il. National Bank.  We married and moved to La Grange where I worked in the local hospital.  Babies came quickly and my career as a nurse came to a temporary halt.  In '72  we moved to Milwaukee where Jack worked in investment banking and I prepared to become a contented suburban housewife/mother;  alas, soon I had to give up afternoon tennis and go to work, probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Life is uncertain and often chaotic.  When our girls were running their own lives, I became a nurse

practitioner, and worked at Planned Parenthood and with two physicians.  We loved Milwaukee and stayed for l8 years but banks started merging, and a job change took us to the Quad Cities, Il., where we lived and worked for another l8 years.  Jack survived three bank mergers - tough times.  We both retired in '04, and were drawn back to Wisconsin, this time "Up North", as they say, where we now have time to read, hike, golf, canoe and knit.  Over the years we have traveled much and crammed in a lot of fun.


The true loves of our lives are our four daughters and seven grandchildren who live in Iowa, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Brooklyn, N.Y.  We are all blessed with good health and plan on many more years of active living.


I think the important stuff of our lives is not the chronology and accomplishments, but the little things that all happen  between the written lines.  But that is another chapter...





























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