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Geri Mattick-Haney                                                                                                                                 941-729-0164

5806 33rd Dr E

Palmetto, FL 34221

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Biggest accomplishment is surviving last 50 years. Married twice, 1st in '58, 3 children - Matt had cerebral palsy died in '74 at 15; Judy's married, has 1 son Ben; Scott's married, no children.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in '89, had surgery, chemo, reconstruction - I am a 20 year survivor. Worked 30 years as an Administrative Assistant- in two companies all for Directors; retired in 2004.   Met 2nd husband in Church in 2000.   Harry's humor, & friendship is what drew me to him. We were married in 2003; he died in Jan. 2007 after a short illness.  In 2004 Harry and I had bought a house in Palmetto, FL.  We were going to do the "snow-bird" thing...and we did for three years, until his passing.  In March of '07 I came back to Florida to put the house on the market only to find there wasn't any.  I made the decision to relocate from Illinois to Florida.   The only family member living in Florida is my brother Richard, but he lives in the Keys...don't have Sunday dinners with him very often!   Use to have dogs as pets, now I find I am living with small frogs and gecko's, but I don't have any bugs.  I have enjoyed my time in Florida, especially when it's snowing in Illinois.  I've made some new friends and I have made a new life.  I guess you can teach "an old dog new tricks"!















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