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Bob Osborn (Joan)                                                                                                                                                     713-469-7519

8227 Glencliffe Lane

Houston, TX 77070


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1957-58 - Attended Purdue University

1958-60 - Enlisted in the United States Coast Guard Active Reserve program. 

1960-62 - Communications Engineer/Automatic Electric - Northlake, IL 

1962-64 - Senior Communications Engineer/Alpha Engineering - Mt. Prospect, IL  - Worked in communication engineering and attended night school at Elmhurst College while pursuing a career in Human Resources management which took me across the country eventually settling in Houston, Texas


Married my wife Joan Guarise in 1964 who graduated from Schurz High School in Chicago and Northern Illinois University. We have two lovely daughters. No grandchildren, but, lots of horses and dogs.


1964-81 - Regional Mgr Human Resource/Continental Can in Chicago, IL, Birmingham, AL, New Orleans, LA, Longview, TX and Houston, TX 


1981-83 - Division Mgr Human Resources/Thiokol Corp - Houston, TX


1983-91 - Executive VP Human Resources and co-owner Southwest Chemical Services Inc. - Houston, TX  - Co-owned and successfully operated a plastic compounding company. Sold business for a profit.


1991-2006 - Director Human Resources/CEMEX, Inc. - Houston, TX - Went back into corporate Human Resources where I retired from a Fortune 500 company on August 1, 2006.


Currently enjoying domestic and international travel and handyman work for family and friends. Preparing to leave for Alaska at the end July '08. Next handyman project is building a patio cover for my daughter.


Wow!! 51 years of my life summed up in a few paragraphs. I do not think that my High School English Teacher (Ms. Neal) would give me a passing grade on this paper!


I am in good health, enjoying retirement and looking forward to chatting with my classmates.


Go Pirates!!!























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