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Marge Pogue-Ruffer                                                                                  630-307-1194

756 Rodenburg Rd, #2A                                                                             

Roselle, IL 60172


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50 years...with lots of laughs and a few tears.
Quickly came marriage, then 4 times a baby carriage.
A family where girls prevail over one male kept me busy and made time sail.

A career for what was to come; education would cost a tidy sum.
College for 4 with 9 degrees, how to pay all those fees!

Responsibilities began to ease, but ties stayed strong as I looked toward open seas..
On my own...what did it mean to do as I please?
New doors, but where were the keys?

And then to career and money I said goodbye, no regrets but one small sigh.
Beautiful grandkids, a total of ten, where girls prevail over one male...once again.

Time for more hellos, to create anew, to speak my mind, and to wear purple too!






Married 1960, to Patt Cafferata; 2 girls, Lisa and Denise; 1 g/son, Zac; divorced 1974, but best of friends ever since; 'came out of the closet.'  Worked in data processing for 47 years, ending as Director of Information Security, for World Savings Bank, San Antonio, TX.  Lived in SF 10yrs, transferred by World to SA, in 1994, lived there 7 years; moved to Westchester and telecommuted for 3 years; retired 2004.





























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