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Janet Rhodes-Greer (Bob)                                                                                                                                        972-824-8575

145 Seneca Trail

Marengo, ILL 60152


E-mail Address:  rhodes_greer_janet.htm



Since my last bio I got divorced after 23 years of marriage.  My two sons, Eddie (Edward) and Ray (Raymond) are out on their own and doing well.  I am very proud of them and how they turned out.  Eddie is single and deals in the stock market and likes to work at warehouse jobs that are low pressure so he can deal with being a day-trader.  His hobby, besides the stock market, is Karate.  My youngest son, Ray, is a computer programmer and his own boss and owner of a small company, working with EBAY.  Ray likes to play the drums.  Eddie is 39 years old and his brother is 36 years old. 


I was single for 10 years before I met my present husband, George Robert Greer (Bob).  I had several jobs; typist for insurance company in downtown Dallas, leasing consultant at an apartment complex.  The last job I had before getting remarried was at the Dallas Country Club where I met my husband.  When we got married I left the country club because Bob worked there and it was better for me to take another job.  I worked as a receptionist at a doctors' office.  When I became 62 I decided to retire from the work world.  My husband, Bob, is a retired police officer and before the police department he spent four years in the Navy.  He has three children from his first marriage (2 girls and l boy) and they are grown and living on their own.  Bob has one granddaughter, Kira, and she is 6 years old and lives in Austin, Texas.  His two daughters live in the Dallas area. 


We are happily settled down in our new house of almost 5 years in the town of Wylie, Texas.  Wylie is located in north central Texas, about 30 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas.  Once in awhile I miss the Chicago area (like the times the temperature gets over 100 degrees) but not in the winter time (when the snow and cold weather shows up).


Had a great time at the Reunion last October.  I think about all the fun I had a lot and it brings a big smile to my face and lifts my spirits.  Oh - my puppy dog tells me it's time to get off the computer and play with her.  Thanks to all who worked so hard and those who came to the Reunion and brought back all the memories from our high school days. 
















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