On, Proviso!                         Remember The Blue Book?

We Received It On Our First Day As Freshmen

Unfortunately, It's 89 Pages Long; Too Many To Fully Include It


Bill Baur reminds us of our second day of school:

When the upper classmen came, all you heard was 'Hey Freshie you dropped your Blue Book.' or 'Do you want to buy an elevator ticket?'




What Is A Bewildered Freshman To Do?


Our Official 'Welcome' From Superintendent Knoeppel


The History Of PTHS; And, It's Time To Watch The Clock!


Give Us This Day Our Daily 6-Period Schedule!


A Few More Pages To Bring Back Memories

Homecoming: Does anyone remember who this lovely cheerleader is?


Who Could Forget Our Lovely Cheerleaders!

Back Row:  Judy Smrzley, Barb Ruppert, Joyce Bullard

Front Row:  Jan Lewis, Gail McClintock, Marcia Peterson



Yells And Songs From Yesteryear

Now, How Many Of You Found Yourself Singing Along With, 'On Proviso'?  :-)


Thanks to Bill Baur, and his brother, Tom, for the loan of the Blue Book.


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