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What A Range Of Specialties!

Arts & Entertainment, Athletics, Education, Government, History, Science-Medicine, Space!


          08/05/10 – For all of her good work, Lois Spur-Baumann was added to ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT


07/13/10 - A new book was done on Bill Taylor.  I added a link to it on his entry, in GOVERNMENT


                ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT



                  Lois Spur-Baumann              ’65         Dance Instructor – See her tribute here.

                  Dr. Stephen E. Cobb            '74        Author

                  Mike Dowd                              '43           Singer, Radio/TV Show Host - Mike Douglas

                  Don E. Erickson                        '47           Architect- Apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright

                  Sheila Johnson                   '66        Co-Founder BET  TV network - Philanthropist

                  Mark Lamos                              '63           Actor/Playright                               

                  Carolina Laraia                         '50        Broadway Actress - Carol Lawrence

                  Chuck Linker                             '57        Broadway Stage Manager

                  John Prine                        '64        Singer/Songwriter

                  Dennis Franz Schlacta          '64        Actor - Dennis Franz

                  Tom Seghi                        '60        Artist






                  Donnie Boyce                     '91        Co. State NBA Guard

                  Jim Brewer                              '69        U of MN NBA Forward           

                  Dee Brown                        '02        U of I NBA Guard                             

                  Shannon Brown                   '03        MI State - NBA Guard           

                  Ray Buchanan                    '89        Louisville - NFL DB

                  Michael  Finley                   '91        U of WI - NBA Guard

                  Sherell Ford                      '91        UIC - NBA Forward

                  Greg Foster                      '76        UCLA Track - 110 Meter High Hurdles

                                                                  3 World Champs - Silver Medal '89 Olympics

                  Orval Grove                      '39        MLB Pitcher

                  Steven Hunter                   '99        DePaul - NBA Center

                  Jim Johnson                      '59        U of MO - NFL Defensive Coordinator

                                                                  Click to see Bill Baur’s tribute

                  Reggie Jordan                    '86        N.M.State - NBA Guard

                  Bill Kay                           '77        Purdue - NFL DB   

                  Ray Nitschke                     '54        U of I - NFL MLB                    

                  Ed O’Bradovich                   '58        U of I - NFL DE

                  Tony Parilli                       '57        U of I - NFL LB

                  Glenn (Doc )Rivers               '80        Marquettte - NBA Guard – Head Coach

                                                                  Click to see news article - Doc Meets Prez

                  Jerome  Salley                  '77        U of MO - NFL NT            

                  Lee Stange                       '54        Drake - MLB Pitcher           

                  Mike Woodard                   '78        MLB 2B  





                  Dr. Milan Jischke                     '59        Educator

                  Dr. William Chester Jordan    '65        Educator





                  Anne Greenhoff-Zickus         '57        6-Term Elected IL House of Representatives

                  Bill Taylor                        '57        Chairmen F.D.I.C – In 2010, Bill was honored by the

                     Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, when a book, by Tim Todd, was written about him, and his work,

                     which is available by clicking on the link, Integrity, Fairness, and Resolve, or was when I posted this.

                     Bob Wenzel                      '59        Dep. Commsnr. IRS-Highest Official - '98-'03

                  Images from Bob's career - enlarge documents to read - 3rd=photos-w/wife & Bill Baur I1, I2, I3





                  Harry Cooper                    '57        Honored by Reagan for contributions to history.

                                                                  See for details.





                  Jacque Hill-Hulslsander R.N.  '57        R.N. - Who's Who in both Nursing and Women,

                                                                  too many others to list - See BIO, for all.      

                  Dr. Frank G. Schaefer         '60        Physicist -Philanthropist

                  Dr James Skridulis              '60        Physicist- Philanthropist





                  Eugene Cernan                   '52        Astronaut- Gemini & Apollo



                                -Last, but certainly not least, the grads of the early 40’s-

                  Members of Co. B of the 192nd Tank Battalion who were involved in the Bataan Death  

                        March during WWII of which many lost their lives as well as all the other grads that

                      served our country.                                                                              





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