Forest Park Amusement Park - Circa 1893

Last Updated 04/29/12


04/22/12 - Tom Buettner informed me that this park existed.  Who would have thought there was an earlier Riverview?

Tom says it was Forest Park's answer to the 'White City', Chicago's 1893 World's Fair, The Columbian Exposition.

Thanks, Tom, for all the photos!


The grand, glamorous entrance to Forest Park Amusement Park


The Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel, if you prefer.


Looks a lot nicer than the 'ole swimmin' hole, don't it?  :-)


The Steeple Chase - A fancy looking ride for sure.


Three ladies having fun on it!


Looks like a postcard for The Steeple Chase.


Check it out, 'The most elaborate and largest Coaster in the United States.'


They were first with the Chutes, as Riverview didn't open until 1904.


Night scene at bottom of the lake, looking up to the Chutes.


The CASINO???  They had a casino in Forest Park way back then, but not now!


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