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Remembering The Actresses From The Silent Screen Era To Modern Times

It All Started With Mary Pickford, America's Sweetheart!

From an email sent to me by:  Char Carlisi-Marshall

Click Here To See This Wonderful Video MORPH From One Actress To Another!


Remembering The Actors From The Silent Screen Era To Modern Times

The Silent Screen Made Famous Actors Like Rudolph Valentino, The Sheik!

Click Here To See This Wonderful Video MORPH From One Actor To Another!

The YouTube Page Contains Many Other Morphs From The Same Incredible Creator


08/24/12 – Julie Sepka-Calendo sent me the link to this terrific video of The Best Of Times in the 50's.


02/09/12 – Bill Baur found this really fine Powerpoint Presentation of photos from the Early-Mid 20th Century.


02/05/12 – Jerry Williams gave us a fun reminder from the ‘50s.


The first TV remote control - Zenith - Remember those loud CLICKS?  Nothing like today's technology...


12/15/11 – Jerry Williams gave us a GREAT bunch of Christmas toy reminders from the ‘50s.
















12/15/11 – Jerry Williams gave us some neat Christmas decorations from the ‘50s.







11/10/11 – Both Ken Hauersley, and Char Geitz-Donegan gave us a link to the VERY interesting Penny Postcards.


09/18/11 – Mike Kowal reminds us of when women wore aprons, along with a history of them.




Remember making an apron in Home Ec? Read below:


The History of 'APRONS'
I don't think our kids know what an apron is.  The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath because she only had a few. It was also because it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and aprons used less material.  But along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven.  It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears. 
From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. 
When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids.  And when the weather was cold Grandma wrapped it around her arms.  Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent Over the hot wood stove.  Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron.  From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After The peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls.  In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees.  When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.  When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron, and the men folk knew it was time to come in to dinner.  It will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace that 'old-time apron' that served so many purposes. 

REMEMBER:  Grandma set her hot baked apple pies on the window sill to cool.   Her granddaughters set theirs on the  window sill to thaw.

They would go crazy now trying to figure out how many germs were on that apron!!!  I don't think I caught anything from an apron - but love...


09/14/11 – Jerry Williams sent us another bunch of fun ‘50s remembrances.




Everything from a Melrose Park Fire Dept. helmet to Mom’s old wringer washer, remember that one?


09/02/11 – Both Tony Perrino, and Mike Kowal sent me this wonderful Norman Rockwell Powerpoint Presentation.


08/10/11 – Joyce Henry-Zanoni says, ‘Hey, let’s not forget Sputnik, or Sputnik II, from back in 1957.’


08/07/11 – Hey gang, remember Super Circus, with Claude Kirschner, and Mary Hartline?

Here’s a photo of Claude, remember him now?


Here’s a link to a YouTube video of Super Circus, and there are lots more out there.


Here's a video on YouTube interviewing Claude in 1989.  When you Google him, there's lots of argument over whether, or not, he has the 's' in his name, but this video seems to put that argument to rest.


Here's a bit from a writeup on Mary Hartline, the 'Queen' of the circus: 

From January, 1949, until the last week of December, 1955, Mary appeared weekly on "Super Circus" the ABC television network's premier Chicago origination (produced by its Chicago o&o, WENR-TV). "Super Circus" aired Sundays from 4 to 5 pm, Central Time. The show was produced---live, of course---in the Civic Theater (adjacent to the Civic Opera House) before an audience of close to nine hundred moppets, all of whom were under the age of fifteen.

06/14/11 – Mike Kowal gave me a great link, all about The 1960’s, that I’m sure you’ll love!


6/12/11 – Mike Kowal sent me this link to The Diamonds singing, Little Darlin, both in 1957, AND in 2004!


05/30/11 – Here are photos from an email of some REALLY old ads from the 50’s…

We will never see ads like these again!  (Oh, do I remember these!!)


















05/04/11 – Tony Perrino gave me a great link, all about The 1940’s, that I’m sure you’ll love!


04/11/11 – Jerry Williams provided reminders of the grocery stores that were the biggest in our day.


The now bankrupt Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.


Jewel Tea Co. that’s now become Jewel-Osco, combined with Osco Drugs.


The now defunct National Tea Co.


03/10/11 –  Tony Perrino sent me a link to this most-amazing site.  You can enter the name of a town, etc.,

and it will tell you, literally as it talks, lots of things about it.  I started it out with PTHS.


02/01/11 – Jerry Williams sent me some really neat WWII ration stuff, plus an array of OLD IL license plates.




We all knew about the above 4 items, but how many of us remember what they looked like?


The year most of us were born!



And the next 20 years, until after we’d graduated!


01/28/11 – Jerry Williams sent me 15 more reminders from days gone by.


        Grandma Hoth had one.      Guys formed car clubs; I was in the Dragoons.         Old-time Coca Cola ad.         



Several old-time ads of good things to drink!


More old-time ads of good things to drink!



And, STILL more old-time ads of good things to drink!


Two things that the boys, and some girls I’m sure, just LOVED, when we were kids!



                   I think Dad used double-edged blades his whole life.        Lastly, try to find a phone booth today!


12/20/10 – Patt Cafferata-Hoth sent me a few more fun items from the past.


Every boy wanted a BB-Gun, and Dad wanted his Pall Mall cigarettes…



               OMG, babies in cellophane!!!      Can you IMAGINE giving ‘the little woman’ either of these gifts, today?


12/20/10 – Jerry Williams sent me a few more fun items from back in the 40’s/50’s.


Every boy’s dream was to own one of these, especially the Schwinn Phantom!



                   Anyone still eat SPAM???                            WOW, 5 cents a cup!!!!



I sure remember sending in boxtops for all sorts of goodies, back then.



We’d listen to the radio, and hope to use the stuff we ordered, right?  I can’t remember if I did, or not…


Jerry used to listen to Tony’s radio shows (see next line) on this fine ’41 Zenith Radio.


12/08/10 – Tony Perrino sent me a link to listen to old Radio Shows from the 40’s/50’s.


12/04/10 – Jerry Williams sent me a few more fun items from back in the 40’s/50’s.


                                                                         My Grandmother, in Potomac, IL., had one.



                   Remember the old style dial telephone?            Remember Amling’s Bowl Of Beauty on North Ave.?


11/19/10 – Jerry Williams sent me 30 photos that remind us of life as we knew it back in the 1940’s/50’s.


We start with all the stuff we could get by buying cereal; some inside the box, some we sent in for.












                                                                          Jack Armstrong was Wheaties



     Not with cereal, but with Ginger Ale   This wasn’t free with anything, but we all loved to look through them!  In 3D!


Next we get to all the fun things to eat; most of which were either a penny, or a nickle!









Lastly, we have some places we went to eat, or to shop, most of which are gone now.

I used to love to go to A&W, out in Elmhurst, as a teenager.



                                                                           The way things were before automated cash registers.





11/19/10 – Jerry Williams sent me a photo of a DUR-O-LITE pencil.  How many of us remember remember walking

across 25th Avenue, to the field where they dumped their trash, to scavange a working pencil?  I sure do!!


09/26/10 – Yvonne Gregory-Mitchell sent me this wonderful ‘50s slideshow, set to, ‘Lost In The ‘50s Tonight’.


05/29/10 – Both Dennis Batterman, and Char Geitz-Donegan, gave us this great Screenheros presentation.


05/16/10 – I moved almost all of the old car stuff from Fun Things to the new Route 66/Cars page.


04/27/10 – Bonnie Lowell-Addicott sent in this link to tons of really great, (mostly) 50’s TV Shows.


03/23/10 – Tony Perrino sent in this really great presentation on All-Things-‘50s.


03/04/10 – Frannie Anderson sent me the Pageant from 12/13/56, our Senior year.  Here are 5 pages.

I’m sorry they’re not too clear, but try enlarging your browser, and I hope you have fun remembering…






02/12/10 – Patt Cafferata-Hoth found this link to Beautiful Women, including how they look today.


02/12/10 – Jerry Williams took my challenges, and provided us with 23 fun items to look at!  Oy…

The first 8 are a variety of old memories.


Let’s start with places we had fun at, and later took OUR kids to visit; they speak for themselves.


Who knew either of these beers existed at one time?  I sure didn’t…



Who could resist Dubble Bubble, or dreaming about having a fancy pen, or a Whizzer Motor Bike?

My brother, Bob, had a Whizzer, and I inherited it when I was 16.  I drove it once, it blew

an oil seal, and oil all over my pants.  I made it home, and that was the end of that story.


I gave Jerry two specific challenges.  One was about Lionel Trains, that I dearly loved, and

would sit for hours at Wieboldt’s Toyeria, at Christmas, watching the ‘Engineer’ run them.

Here are Jerry’s 7 findings, as ‘The Master Researcher’.  J




Hmmm, I don’t remember Dad helping!  The master control panel that was only a dream when we were kids.


The kind of setup we could only dream of, as no one I knew could ever afford it back then.


Lastly, another view of what appears to be the same setup.


Okay, so then I said to Jerry, ‘Do you remember at Christmastime how Wieboldt’s had

The Cinnamon Bear, and Marshall Field’s had Uncle Mistletoe, and we’d have to color those

books, in the hope of winning a prize?  Can you find anything on them?’  Also, that Field’s

had their beautiful tree in The Walnut Room.  Why not see what you can find on those?’

Leave it to Jerry…Here are his 7 on the subject, plus 1 bonus.


Here’s the coloring book, and Jimmy, and Judy, after they’ve recovered the Silver Star.


They speak for themselves.


Marshall Field and Company, Main Aisle, Christmas 1941 – Can you say FABULOUS?


Another view, when ladies, and little girls dressed very differently than today.


An unusually decorated Field’s tree in the Walnut Room


And, lastly, Fields last Christmas Tree, in the Walnut Room, circa 2005.


To wrap up all this Christmas stuff, remember when Coca Cola was bottled, and just a nickle?


01/24/10 – Jerry Williams gave us 5 old memories.

Most of the guys (and gals?) will remember fixing their cars back in the ‘50s.



         I sure remember listening to Captain Midnight            Who knew anyone in Maywood ever made Honey?

         on radio, and sending in for the great prizes!



             Check the price on this AM wall clock/radio!             I’m sure we all remember Dispensa’s Toy Castle.


12/21/09 – Jerry Williams gave us a few more fond memories.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, we all loved to go see!



Who could ever forget the wonderful Micky Mouse Club!



Some fun ads, showing how cheap stuff was, and reminders of movie theaters now gone.


12/06/09 – I consolidated most of the Chicago photos into Chicago.


12/04/09 – Jerry Williams gave us a photo of The World Series Cubs!  Can you say, ‘Smile’?  J


11/21/09 – I consolidated all Juke Box stuff into Juke Box Stuff.


11/15/09 – Jerry Williams provided the following 20 reminders of ‘The Good Old Days’.


               I loved Baby Snooks on radio.        Who could forget Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, or creator, Burr Tillstrom.



         Or, everyone’s other favorite, Howdy Doody             One of the first nightime game shows was

         with Buffalo Bob, and Clarabell, the clown!                    Groucho Marx’s, ‘You Bet Your Life’.



      Super Circus!                             Bowling in the 50’s, before automatic pinsetters!

          With Mary Harline, and Claude Kirschner



   Check those Prince Castle Prices!           Their SO distinctive ‘castle’.  Who could resist them?



            Then Cock Robin bought Prince Castle.             Remember chasing the Good Humor truck?  .10!!!!



A TRULY old popcorn machine, and a 30’s popcorn vendor up on the parkway, selling popcorn.

Remember Pudgy, in front of the Melrose Theater, and his Cushman scooter, with the popper inside??



          Didn’t we ALL go to Maxwell Street, at least once?         The old Aurora Elgin train, just south of Madison St.



1946 Noma Bubble Lites – I bought 2 sets of these on eBay a couple of years ago, and they still work just fine!!!!



  A 1939 Zenith Radio.        Gas pump just in cents.      A favored Christmas gift back then.


Last, but not least, the 1953 Cubs – Anyone know where they finished that year?


10/25/09 – Jerry Williams found this PTHS photo of Astronaut Eugene Cernan in sports.


10/13/09 – Char Geitz-Donegan adds more 50’s – 60’s nostalgia, with Hey Wasn’t That us?


10/12/09 – Yvonne Gregory-Mitchell sent me this great 50’s Childhood email that got REALLY complicated!


10/07/09 – Tony Perrino, Patt Cafferata-Hoth, and Al Stocker, ’55, gave us Nostalgia…1950-1960.


10/06/09 – Jerry Williams provided the following 7 fun photos/memories.

Skip’s Drive-In, where all the ‘cool’ kids hung out.  Too bad I wasn’t ‘cool’ enough; I had a ’49 Chevy!


Remember going to Amling’s for Halloween and Christmas?


The Come Back Inn, with just about the best burgers EVER!



Remember the Motorola 10”?  We got one in ’48.  Some folks bought that magnifier, too, YIKES!


Fibber McGee and Molly on radio.  ‘McGee, DON’T OPEN THAT CLOSET!’  Remember that?


10/06/09 – I found the following 2 items, on eBay.  At least I HOPE I’m the one that found them!  J


Postcard signed by Eugene Cernan, and a fob, both from the Eugene Cernan Space Center at Triton College.


7/22/09 – Jerry Williams gave us the following 2 pages.  The 1st page shows stuff from 1939, the year that

most of us were born, and, the 2nd page shows what was going on in 1957, the year we graduated from PTHS.




7/16/09 – Jerry Williams gave us the following 4 items, from ‘our day’, for even more of, ‘I remember about that!’


Remember your trip to Bowman Dairy? I think everyone went!  Apparently,

the Bud Bowman and his wife that I met became politically incorrect, from

the looks of the guy on the sign.  When I met them live, in Zars, the little

grocery store 2 blocks from my house, they were both midgets, and were

dressed in full indian costumes.  Bud even had a bow, and an arrow sheath.

  I think they drove a special car, kinda like the Oscar Meyer weinermobile.


What red-blooded American boy from our day didn’t lust over a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun?

Me left-um photo large so that you could read-um ten rules of Sportsman’s Safety Code.  You betch-um.

How politically incorrect our friend, Little Beaver, would be today.  World today become-um sad place.


I remember when the street in front of my house was gravel, but not THIS bad!


7/12/09 – Jerry Williams gave us the following 8 items, from ‘our day’, for you to say, ‘I remember about that!’

Who would have thought you could fly ANYWHERE for $9.72, even in 1948?



             Who knew they ever used helicopters for mail service?         Kresge’s and Woolworth’s for a great soda? 


Could we ever forget the following 3 items!


         On-top-of-the-TV indoor antennas             Red Goose Shoes             Wasn’t it fun to x-ray your feet?

                                                                                                  Not TODAY we couldn’t!!!!



Remember the tin banks we had as kids?  The Safety-Nazis of today would NEVER allow those sharp edges!


4/19/09 - Remember Lionel And American Flyer Train Sets?  I Remember Going To

Wieboldt's, At Lake & Harlem, At Christmas, To 'Toyteria', Just To Watch The Trains.

The Following Photos Are Courtesy Of Jerry Williams.


       All The Quarters We Sent In!  That's A 78rpm Record!                   Coupon Enlarged So You Can Read It.




4/16/09 - Below Are A Few Fun Reminders From The 50's, From Tony Perrino.



4/04/09 - Hey, Guys, Remember These Haircuts! - From Jerry Williams.

That Flat-top In The Lower Right Was My Trademark For Years, When I Had Enough Hair!



3/29/09 - A 'Remember When' List From Bill Baur - Sorry It's A Little Fuzzy!


3/07/09 - A Bob's Big Boy Menu From Jerry Williams - Check Out Dem Der Prices!


                              3/06/09 - The Next 2 Sets Of Memorabilia Are From Joyce Henry-Zanoni


             Fender Skirts                          Curb Feelers                      Continental Kit              Suicide Knob



        Coffee Percolator                        Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner                     Early 60's 21" Color Television


3/01/09 - Thanks To Jerry Williams For The Photo, below.  Remember Your Field Trip To Bowman Dairy?


Next, We Get To The Stuff Sent To Me By Tony Perrino,

Who I Can Only Describe As Even Crazier Than Me!

If You Enjoyed Cartoons At The Movies, As I Did And Still Do, You'll Love All Of The Following!

Click Here For Looney Tunes Tweety And Sylvester

'I Taught I Tau A Puddytat!' Right?  :-)

If you loved the first one

Click Here and Here for more Tweety


Click Here For Looney Tunes Porky Pig

Who was famous for his:  'Ba Dee, Ba Dee, Ba Dee, Tha, Tha, That's All Folks!


Click Here For Looney Tunes Daffy Duck


Click Here For Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd


We CAN'T Leave Out Bugs Bunny, Right!

'Eh, What's Up Doc?

Click Here For A Looney Tunes Bugs Cartoon

And, If You Liked That One, Click Here For Another

Click Here For One More, For Good Measure!


Click Here For One Last One Of Bugs With Yosemite Sam!


Next, Tony Sent Me This Menu From Woolworth's Counter

Remember When You'd Stop For A Soda Or Sundae?

Though It Was 'Expensive' Back Then, Just LOOK At Those Prices!


                   The Next 6 Sets Of Memorabilia Are From Jerry Williams - And I Thought I Saved Stuff!



    Wrap-around skirts!    Who was Carol Hanging?             Fabulous 50's Cars!            Harlem/SkyHi/North Drive-In's


    I Couldn't WAIT To Go To Zar's, On 35th In West Melrose Park, To See Who I'd Get - WOW, I Got Roy Rogers!!!!



  First Grade With Dick And Jane         Remember Large Cones At $.20?      Charlie Would Say 'Good Night, Bergen.'



        You Mixed With Milk, Put In Metal Ice Cube        6.5oz Of Pleasure!           Remember 8mm Home Movies?

        Tray, Then Into The Freezer.  Mmmmmmmm



                Fiber License Plate - No Steel In WWII                A Plate From Our Graduation Year!


A BIG THANKS!  To All Of You Who Contributed To This Page....



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