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Our Senior Prom Ė May 18th, 1957


Last updated 09/11/11


09/11/11 Ė Patt Cafferata-Hoth gave me her dance card from our Senior Prom, to scan.  Remember it?


Beautiful, wasnít it?  Complete with pencil, and fan; no A/C back in 1957.  J



The theme page, and all the basic information.  I canít believe it didnít start until 9:30pm. 



Who-was-who in the classes, and who sponsored the classes.  Those who were on the committees, as well.



Guests of Honor, and Chaperones.  I canít believe we were actually allowed to be out until 4:45am, at 17?  YIKES!!!!


A Salute To Some Of Our Beautiful Girls - Ready For The Prom!

Aren't They Lovely?  How Many Of Them Can You Name?


Then It Was Prom Night!

This Is Actually Prom Night '56, As It's The One In Our '57 Provi

Please excuse the 'circled' areas, as we were marking where our two groups were.


   Beautiful Girls    


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