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     02/11/13 Ė Please accept my apologies for not updating in 4 months, due to my physical leg/back issues...


     11/29/12 Ė How very sad that Marge Pogue-Ruffer reported the death of 1 of our classmates, in In Memoriam.




                                                             Patricia  Hogan-Harsh

                                                                                                                   Oak Park, IL




     11/29/12 Ė It is with great sadness that Bill Baur reported the deaths of 4 more of our classmates, in In Memoriam.


                                 Larry Cristofaro                                  

                                Larry Cristofaro      Carol Schuppe           Virginia (Abby)         Eugene O'Neill


                   Bellwood, IL         Chicago, IL          Hindsboro, IL       Wood Dale, IL                           

                                  7/24/1939-         4/21/1939-          10/26/1939-        6/24/1939-

                                  5/17/2012          8/19/2012            8/15/2011           4/15/2012


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                                 Clock Tower




This beautiful photo of the PTHS Clock Tower is courtesy of Mike OíBrien, who was the Webmaster of

the 100th Anniversary of PTHS Centennial website which is now defunct.


Click on one of the links below, and have some fun


In here you'll find scans of the original graduation photo pages from the '57 Provi.  If you'd like to browse through the pages of the '57 Provi, to remember what we looked like, 'back then' please do.


Next, go down to the Now-Photos/BIOs section, to find out if someone you remember from browsing through the '57 Provi photos, has sent in a 'now' photo, and see what they look like today.  :-)


NOTE:  Someone will only be in the Now-Photos/BIOs section if they've sent in a 'now' photo, OR they've 'Okayed' their BIO; more on that in the Now-Photos/BIOs section.

'57 Provi Pages -




Now-Photos/BIOs - Of the 696 Grads, 694 are in the Commencement Book, and 682 are shown in the '57 Provi

        Click on a letter of the alphabet to see the entire Gallery of graduates matching that letter.

         A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Who's In The BIOs -  Click this link for a list of whose BIOs are already under the letters of the alphabet.

Text Box: Someone will only be in the this section if there's a 'now' photo, OR they've 'Okayed' their BIO. Some of the 'now' photos are from photos taken at the 50th Reunion. If you prefer to have a different 'now' photo, please feel free to email one, and it will become the replacement. When you find the Provi photo of someone you knew, click on it, and if there's a 'now' photo, OR if they've 'Okayed' their BIO, it will open. The BIOs are from the 50th Reunion Handbook; but the email address/address/phones(s) info has been redone by Marge Pogue-Ruffer and Bill Baur, key members of the 50th Reunion Search Committee; see PTHS Class of '57 Alumni Directory, below. If you would like your BIO added, to open from your photo, please email your 'Okay' to add it. When I get your 'Okay', I'll contact you with the information I have, if any, for your editting/approval of what to include: 'ALL' or BIO/email address/address/phone(s). It is hoped you will add it 'ALL', to promote communication among the Class of '57 Graduates. NOTE: If you've never provided a BIO to the Search Committee, please send one in now; it's fun! If you'd like to add your 'now' photo to the Now-Photos/BIOs section, or add some photos to your BIO page, of family, hobbies, etc., please email them. Contact your Class of '57 schoolmates! Find out what they've been up to these past 50+ years!                  






Our Alma Mater










PTHS Class of '57                                                            


Alumni Directory                                           Your host     Ron Hoth

Here's mine, to show you how it works:

Click on my '57 Provi picture

to see my 50th Reunion BIO

My 70th birthday card was so funny, and coincidental, Iím keeping it out here.


In Memoriam        In here you'll find a list of fellow Class of '57 Graduates who are no longer with us.


Blue Book


 Beautiful Girls

We STILL Have These

ĎMoments To Rememberí


Flowers Gardens and Dreams


In here you'll find photos that folks have sent in of our years at PTHS; old Homecoming photos, etc.  Please look through your old photo albums, dresser drawers, and boxes in the attic, to see what you can find; this could bring back a LOT of great memories.


Please email photos/scans of anything you think would be of interest.



 To The Prom!


In here you'll find you'll find a list of PTHS grads who became notable after graduation.

Do you know who became an actress, an astronaut, Bears defensive end, or FDIC Chairman?


The only way to find out, is to click on the link to the left!



Notable Alumni


In here you'll find photos that have been separated out specifically to highlight PTHS Sports!

If you have any photos you'd like to contribute to this category, please email them.


Let's return to those 'thrilling days of yesteryear' for another look at the great '57 Pirates!


 Sports Nuts!                       


Let's take a trip down memory lane to a favorite of ours as kids; scares, thrills and cotton candy!


      We've all been to many other parks, but none of them can compare to our childhood days at Riverview.

Riverview Park


Let's take another trip down a memory lane we never knew about as kids.  Forest Park Amusement!



Forest Park


       Let's take another trip down memory lane; fun things like Burma Shave and Looney Tunes cartoons!

Fun Things


            Drive-Ins and Roller Rinks and Kiddieland, Oh, My!  Enjoy another walk down Memory Lane.

Teen Stuff  


             Pick your Juke Box music from a big assortment of links.  Yet another walk down Memory Lane.

Juke Box Stuff


            Enjoy another walk down Memory Lane, from the time of B&W TV, and other things from the 50ís.

Life In B&W  


            Enjoy an interesting collection of photos of the Great City of Chicago, some of them very old.



            Here we have an assortment of car photos, links to Route 66, and old car presentations.

Route 66/Cars


         This is an interesting, informational, page that shows where weíve scatterd to over the years.



           Enjoy this very entertaining page that reminds us of what it was like to grow up in the 50ís.

That Was Us


Let's take yet another trip down memory lane; Cowboys and Westerns!  Roy/Gene/The Lone Ranger!

Lots of great photos, news articles, and my own 1947-1953 Roy Rogers Scrapbook, to enjoy!






In here we remember those from the Class of '57 who have served in the Military branches.

Please send in your photo, preferably in dress uniform, and which branch, when and where you served.

Also, click PTHS During WWII to learn how PTHS students contributed to the WWII effort.





In here you can find some of the Provi Covers, and Class Rings, from over the years.  Also, you can find some fun stuff, like the program for the Fieldhouse dedication ceremony, in 1938.  That's why everything, other than the covers/rings, is called, 'Etc.'  Please email your old cover/ring/etc. photos.





               Remember The Wolf Book, guys?  Where you hoped to find your date for Saturday night?  Huh, huh?

Wolf Book  


            Enjoy another walk down Memory Lane, as we visit all the old movie theaters we used to go to as kids.



            Remember THE Herald?  In here are 31 pages, that also show us some of the PTHS WWII activities.

THE Herald  


            Hereís the 2010 Provi Yearbook, with a great spread on Centennial stuff that I scanned.

2010 Provi


Future Events


   In here you'll find out when/where the next picnic/reunion will be held.  If you have an event that

   you'd like to have appear in Future Events, please email the details.


   If you'd like everyone to know about your event, can send out your invitation!  Just ask!






Past Events          In here you'll find stuff like picnics/mini-reunions!  Donít hesitate to email videos or photos


Class Day            In here we have the Class Day Booklet from graduation, showing the Class Day Program.

 After four long years of study, we finally got to Commencement Week!  Remember these 2 events?


Commencement      In here we have the Commencement Book from graduation, showing the Commencement Week Schedule.


          In here are the 10th, 25th, 30th and 40th Reunions, waiting for clues to the identities of everyone!

Mystery Zone  


           In here youíll see the photos of the fun we had at the 50th Reunion, October 5-7, 2007.

The 50th Reunion


There's much more to come, as this website matures, so please stay-tuned, mark it as a 'Favorite' and come back often.




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