All Of The Following THE HERALD Pages Were Submitted By Jerry Williams

They Range From Just Prior To Pearl Harbor, To 1945 - Thanks, Jerry!


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Last Updated 10/27/09



Two great old photos of PTHS; no date on the 1st, 1932 on the 2nd.

Check out that telephone pole, right in front of the clock tower, oops, SLAP! J


First Come The Front Pages – All 22 Of Them!

Sorry they’re not all completely legible, but they’re still of great interest.

With the exception of the 1st one, they’re in ascending chronological order.


Sadly, one can’t help but notice the progression into WWII.


This one is dated December 28, 1944.  It’s 1st because it’s the PTHS Clock Tower.


Pre-Pearl Harbor, Thursday, 10/02/41, the cover is just about fun things.


Just 4 months later, men between 20 and 45 must register for the draft.


Two weeks later, a ‘World Day of Prayer’ is ready to be observed.


Just over a month later, the push is on for everyone to ‘Buy Bonds’.


A month later, men between 45 and 65 must register for the draft.


A week later, PTHS had a booth to sell Defense Stamps, and a 600 member concert going!


References to WWII continued on the following front pages, even after the war had ended.
















Next, we have 8 pages of assorted topics.




I worked at Home Dept. Store Junior Year, and the summer before Senior Year.





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