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James M. Clark

                                                    Served in:  Navy

                                                    Served from:  1961-1991






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                                                          Bruce Van Depien

                                                Served in:  Army

                                                Served from:  1963-1969 

            Was drafted into the Army in February 1963.  My basic training was in Ft. Leonardwood, MO with artillery training at Ft. Sill, OK.

            I was sent to Giessen, Germany for 18 months, to the 92nd Field Artillery, where I became a Specialist 4th Class in Intelligence

            Operations for the Fire Directions Center, computing elevation and deflection for 8 inch howitzers.  I was fortunate to have my wife

            join me in Germany.  After two years of active duty, I then had four years of reserve duty, and was discharged in 1969.




            Ronald E. Johnson

Served in:  Marines

Served from:  1961-1964

          Enlisted in the Marines with classmates, Dick Schaper, Bob VonLaven, Ken Husak (now deceased), and former classmate Bob Kabella.

          Basic training at MCRD San Diego, CA and Camp Pendleton, CA. Stationed on board ship during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Then stationed

          on Okinawa. While on Okinawa sailed with the 7th Fleet (The Roving Watchdog).  Trained in the Philippines (Subic Bay), Japan (Mt Fuji)

          and Taiwan. Crossed the Pacific twice on board ships. Served on a total of seven different ships at various times and put into many ports.


Tom Cavey

Photo to follow

Served in:  Army

Served from:  1957-1977

       I joined the Army in June of 1957 with Tom Brown.  We had joined the Reserves in 1956, and had a 6 month activity duty commitment

            after high school.


            After the 6 months in Augusta, Georgia, where we underwent Military Police Training, we came  home.


            I enjoyed my time in the service, so I reenlisted for 3 years, and I was sent to Korea in 1957.  I served 1 1/2 years there, and was stationed

            in Ft. Hood, Texas, where I met my wife (now of 49 years).  After we got married, I was sent to Ft. Sheridan, Illinois for 1 year.  After that,

            we were sent to Ft. Richardson, Alaska.  By this time, I had obtained the rank of Sgt.  I disliked Alaska so much (even though my daughter

            was born there) I tried to get out early.  The only way I could do that was to apply for Officer Candidate School.  After I was accepted, I

            went to Ft. Benning, Georgia to the Infantry Officer Candidate School. 


            After that, I had the following assignments - hope I can recall all of them.


            1964 - Went to Airborne Training at Ft. Benning.

            1965-1968 - Assigned to Germany with my family (now a boy and a girl).

            1968-1969 - Assigned to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

            1969-1970 - Assigned to a unit in Vietnam.

            1971-1972 - Took a year off from the Army, and finished my college degree at the University of Nebraska.

            1972-1977 - Assigned to Washington, DC.


            I retired from the Army in 1977 - I enjoyed it, and it was good to me and my family.  I entered as a Private, and retired as a Major.




            Bill Baur                                 At Ease, Soldier                 With Kent Smith '57, Who Was Stationed

Served in:  Army                                                                        At Ft. Gordon, GA, At The Same Time

Served from:  1961-1967

       I enlisted in the Army after College and left on 28Jul61.  My draft notice came to my home 5 weeks later.  This would be my 1st experience

            with the bureaucracy of the military.  Little did I know that my MOS would be part of that bureaucracy.


            I was stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (a beautiful resort nestled in the Ozarks) for 8 weeks of Basic training, and 8 weeks of personnel

            and administrative training.  It was over 100 degrees when I arrived, and below zero when I left.


            I spent another 4 week stint at Ft. Ben Harrison, IN, at the Finance Center school, before becoming permanent party at Ft. Gordon, GA, for

            2 l/2 years, at the headquarters of the Signal Training Center.


            My active duty ended 27Jul64, with the rank of Specialist 5th class, and I received an honorable discharge after 3 years in the reserves.


Bill, Top Right, In A Weekend Barracks Painting Detail



       William F. Baur               PTHS Class of '31, and Bill's Dad               With Sons - Tom, Left, And Bill

Served in:  Army                                                                     In DeRitter, LA, Just Before Shipping

Served from:  1941-1946                                                           Out To The Philippines.

       My Dad, William F. Baur, was drafted into the Army Air Corps which was a branch subordinate to the USAAF from 1941-1947, as a

            commissioned officer in 22Feb42.  After training as an Aviation Ordnance Officer at 6 different bases in the states he shipped out to the

            Pacific Theater of Operations on 12Dec43 and arrived 14Jan44. 


            As a member of the 417th Bombardment Group (Flying Lancers), he participated in battle campaigns in New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago,

            South Philippines, & Luzon. He diffused a live bomb stuck in the bomb rack on a crippled plane that came back with a  trapped crew. 


            He was awarded an Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon with a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star, for valor, on 12Nov44. He left the Philippines

            27Sep45, and arrived 10Oct45 at Ft. Lewis, WA, and finished his active duty as a Major, receiving his honorable discharge 16Jan46.


            My Dad was one of the fortunate ones. He returned home. There were over 12,000 Aviation related deaths, among the over 400,00 who

            perished, in addition to the many hundreds of thousands of injuries sustained in fighting for their country in WWll.



          Bombardment Group                    With A Buddy                   Receiving His Medals For Valor              


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