The PTHS Class of '57 Cold Case Missing Persons List


The Cold Case Missing Persons List is of Grads that we have NO information on.


Currently at only 8 -  - They’ve been invisible!


Last updated 05/16/10


As the creators, and managers, of the Alumni Directory, both

Bill Baur, and Marge Pogue-Ruffer, have undertaken a project

to account for all Grads from our PTHS Class of ’57.  For the

last 3 years, starting a year before the 50th Reunion, they’ve

scoured every source available, and found well over 200 missing

 Grads. This means that now, incredible as it may seem, they’ve

accounted for almost every one of the 695 Class of ’57 Grads.


Just as an example, in the past 6 months, they’ve located:

Judith Wiley Gerken, Judith Mueller O'Donnell, and Charles Wolf. 


Won't you PLEASE take the time to review the list, below?


The hope is that one of you is in touch with one, or more, of them, and are

unaware that they've never been contacted by anyone, for their information.


What are we looking for?

Any crumb is a starting point.  Any rumor, or tidbit, you've heard, regarding

one of our missing, no matter how old.  Anything you have would be of great help!


·          A married name, current or old.

·          An address, current or old; even just a town or state.


WHO are we looking for?


  The Ladies – Where they lived

Linnea Akersloot - Hillside

                                                        Joan Erdmann - Northlake

                                                        Shirley Ann King - Elmhurst

                                                        Ida Schimo – Melrose Park

                                                        Judith Ann Smith - Bellwood

                                                        Joanna Swiderski – Melrose Park

                                                        Audrey Mary Thomas - Unknown

                                                        Betty Lois Wood – Maywood


If seeing her as she looked at graduation would

help, click on Provi, and scroll down to her page.


If you have ANY information, contact:

Bill Baur at:


Marge Pogue-Ruffer at:


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