Provi Covers, Class Rings, Awards, Etc. Over The Years

Notice The Beautiful Design Effort That Went Into Some Of The Covers

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If You Have Cover, Ring Or Award Photos For Missing Years, Or, Etc. Stuff Photos, Feel Free To Email Them To Me.


  Below Is The First Provi, 1916.  I Made It Large, To Make It Legible.

  It Appears To Be A Hand-written Cover, On A Simple Manuscript Cover.


          It Seems Now That This Was The 1916 Work-In-Progress                          1916 – Inside The Cover



                 1917                                           1918                                           1919



                 1920                                           1921                                           1922



                 1923                                           1924                                           1925



                 1926                                           1927                                           1928



                 1929                                           1930                                           1931



                 1932                                            1933                                           1934



                 1935                                            1936                                           1937



                 1938                                           1939                                           1940



                 1941                                           1942                                            1943       



          1944 Memory Book                                   1945                                           1946

            -There was no 1944 Provi printed, due to WWII. But there was a Memory Book.

    The 1944 Memory Book was one of Jessica Piemonte’s contributions; here, in her own words, was what she found out:

    In 1944, for lack of paper due to the war, and people cutting back, and donating or buying war bonds/stamps, the Pageant published the

       Homeroom groups,  and sports and activity groups, and the students were to cut and save these things. If the student purchased so many

       papers, they were given the hard P cover to put those group pictures, and anything else in.  I found the whole story in the 1944 Pageant.



                 1947                                            1948                                           1949



                 1950                                            1951                                           1952



                 1953                                            1954                                           1955



                 1956                                           1957                                            1958



                 1959                                           1960                                            1961



                 1962                                            1963                                          1964



                 1965                                            1966                                          1967



                 1968                                            1969                                           1970



                 1971                                            1972                                           1973



                 1974                                            1975                                           1976



                 1977                                            1978                                           1979



                 1980                                            1981                                           1982



                 1983                                            1984                                           1985



                 1986                                            1987                                           1988



                 1989                                            1990                                           1991



                 1992                                             1993                                          1994



                 1995                                            1996                                           1997



                 1998                                            1999                                           2000



                 2001                                            2002                                           2003



                 2004                                            2005                                           2006



                 2007                                                    2008                                                   2009



                    2010                                                 2011                                                        2012                                     



                                2013                                                                                                2014                                                                                            2015



The Class Rings Begin Here

We Begin With An Interesting History Of Class Rings Provided By Jerry Williams.


06/05/12 – Tony Perrino gave us the 1957 Boys, and 1960 Girls class rings.


04/11/11 – Jerry Williams gave us the 1924, and 1942 Boys class rings.


Now Let's Look At Some Beauties From Years Past.


           Class of 1924                 Class Of 1929-‘32       Class Of 1932       Class of 1939     Class Of 1940 – Boys

                                        Loyalty Pin and Hat Pin                                      



                  Class of 1942 - Boys                                                                      Class Of 1940 - Girls

                                                                                                                What A ‘Classy’ Pair J



                  Class Of 1942 - Girls          Class of 1943            Class Of 1945         Class Of 1947



                            Class of 1951     Class Of 1955        Class Of 1957       Class Of 1959



                      Class Of 1960         Class Of 1965       Class Of 1973         Class Of 2009


The Awards Begin Here

The Following Were Provided By Bruce Doweidt, PEHS Class Of '73.

His Mother, Dorothea Bing,  Graduated From PTHS Class Of '42.

Let's Start With The Oldest Ones, First; 1939-1942

Leftmost Is The NHS Award, Described As Follows:

This is the NHS award which hangs on a neck chain. On the back is engraved "-D-B- '42" (her initials) but I don't know if it came that way or she had it done later.

There is no mention of the school anywhere on the pin. The stylized letters C S L S at the bottom stand for the 4 qualities an NHS member (supposedly) possesses:

Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Center, And Rightmost, Described As Follows:

She kept all her report cards so from them I know that she had bookkeeping in her junior year 40-41 so that dates the bookkeeping pin (which is really tiny, just 7/16" high,

so that gives you an idea of the sizes of the other pins in the pic). But I don't know what she had to do to get the pin (i.e. pass some sort of test, etc.). She had Gregg shorthand

39-40 and received the pin for making 100 words per minute. Again there is no mention of the school on the pin. The squiggles on the pin are shorthand, obviously.


01/19/10 – Frannie Anderson solved the mystery of the ‘squiggles’ on the shorthand pin, above.  Her words:

Bruce mentioned the squiggles on the pin his mother received for her shorthand course.  In case he is interested it says:  GREGG at the top, and then "shorthand" "speed"

"test."  How do I know?  I took the course and used my shorthand for 15 years.  I remember a good deal of it.  Frannie


Bronze, Silver And Gold Scholarship Medals 1939-1942

As you may recall you got one scholarship seal (paper sticker) for each 1-semester course in which you made the minimum grade, which was a "1".

Then when you accumulated 8 seals you got a bronze medal, 16 seals for a silver and 24 seals for a gold.


  These Two Are From The Years We Attended PTHS.            


  Intramural Swim Ribbons  Bronze Scholarship '55    01/24/10 – Jerry Williams           11/19/10 – Jerry Williams

                 Unchanged Since 1939                   gave us this 1942 Band pin.          gave us this unidentified pin.



04/11/11 – Jerry Williams gave us this neat looking scholarship? pin, with MY initials on the back!  J


09/14/11 – Jerry Williams gave us another neat looking scholarship? pin.


The Scholarship Seal Card, Accumulated For A Medal


Lastly, Also From Bruce Doweidt, PEHS '73, After PTHS Was Split Into PEHS And PWHS


      The Scholarship Seal Card, Unchanged Since                  The Medals, Also Unchanged Since 1957, Except They

        1957, Except The Seals Now Say PEHS                     Now Say PHSE - Hmmm, Not PEHS, You Might Ask??



                  This Is The Only One Of These I Got :-)              At Last, We Were Ready To Finally Graduate!

                                                                              I KNEW I Was 5'9", At One Time In My Life!



And, Then, The Day Came That We'd Been Working Toward For 4 Years, June 14, 1957


The Etc. Begin Here


12/13/11 – Jerry Williams gave us this, and the next 7 PTHS photos, for us to enjoy!







Champs back in 1928!


How sweet is this, huh?  1928!


12/04/10 – Jerry Williams gave us this photo of a Spalding 1915-20 Proviso Athletic Club uniform.


12/04/10 – Jerry Williams gave us this interesting 1942 Pageant front page, offering free tuition for night classes.


12/04/10 – Jerry Williams found some neat Proviso Pirates pins, from some year as yet unknown.



05/29/10 – I ran across this 1928-34 textbook, ‘HANDY BOOK OF ENGLISH COMPOSTION’, that was authored

by Ruth M. Whitfield, from PTHS.  I think I can presume that it was used as a text in earlier English Classes.



05/17/10 – I ran across this 1935 textbook, ‘Ich Lerne Deutsch’, (I Learn German), that was co-authored

         by Ada Esther Ross, from PTHS.  I think I can presume that it was used as a text in earlier German Classes.


·                     Description:

·         A Year In Science

·         Weckel and Thalman

·         Briefer Course

·         A Text-Book for First Year in High Schools

·         Ada L. Weckel, M.S.; Head of Biology Department, Oak Park and River Forest

                Township High School, Oak Park, Illinois

·         Joseph L. Thalman, A.M.; Former Head of Biology Department, Oak Park and

        River Forest Township High School; Principal of Proviso Township High School,

        Maywood, Illinois.

·         315 pages

·         Book measures approximately 7 ½” tall by 5 ½” wide by 1” thick

·        Copyright:  Copyright, 1917; Row, Peterson and Company


03/05/10 – I ran across this 1917 textbook, ‘A Year In Science’ co-authored by Thalman, once PTHS Principal.


02/19/10 – Bonnie Lowell-Addicott added this great piece of PTHS jewelry!  Anyone else own this charm bracelet?



     Here’s A Story I’ll Bet Almost None Of Us Remembered!           01/24/10 – Jerry Williams - ’46 Boy Cheerleaders!

                      Tuesday, March 20, 1951.



Look Closely To See That The Class Of ’32 Gave Out Pocket Knives At Their 25th Reunion, In ’57!

Can You IMAGINE What The Safety Nazis Would Have To Say About That, TODAY????



07/14/09 – From Jerry Williams - A great, undated, photo of the PTHS band/orchestra

12/21/09 – From Jerry Williams – A 09/06/30, photo showing them adding the Clock Tower.



         I Never Knew There Were Postcards.  You?          This Postcard Is From 1924, Before The 'New' Bldg.

                                                                     It Has A Neat Poem Written On It, Very Reminiscent

                                                                     Of What We're Trying To Achieve Through

                                                                 In days to come each pal and chum ambitions course pursuing

                                                                 Will oft reflect and recollect the things they now are doing

                                                                 With light hearts gay without dismay they yet may long and sigh

                                                                 For friends they made and pranks they played around Proviso High

                                                                                Publisher, James J. Noone, Maywood, IL



         A 1946 Postcard, Showing The New Building         Cover of the 1949 Blue Book



01/24/10 – Two finds by Jerry Williams, showing the ’46 Fieldhouse, and an Alumni gathering back in ‘47.



               A 1914 Photo Of The Main Building                       The 1915 Football Team – No One Identified


Jay Sheldon, Class of ’72, gave us this photo of the 1917 lightweight football team.  Here are his kind words:

              My sister graduated in 1970, and my dad (who turns 95 this year) was a member of the class of 1933.  Though I attended many years after you did, I found the memories

              you provided quite wonderful.   Not only those of the era, but of Proviso itself.   Because of the dedication you, and others, have shown in the preservation of Proviso East

              history, I have found new interest in it myself.  I just wanted to say hi and to tell you how much I enjoyed what you have done.  Also, I would like to contribute an old photo

              my dad passed down to me of what is labled as the 1917 Proviso Township HS lightweight football team.  I think that's the freshman team.  The young man second from

              the right in the second row (behind those on the ground) is one of my dad's older brothers, Clarance Sheldon.   He passed away almost 20 years ago, but my dad tells me

              he was a minor "star" at Proviso.  I would like to share it with all other's interested in Proviso's history.



                         1959 Golden Jublilee Sports Scrapbook           A Map Of All The Other Teams



                      From The 1919 Pageant              The Original Sheet Music To ‘On, Proviso!’



      Fieldhouse Dedication - 1938                Remember These?               Inside Every Book From The Book Store



Anyone Know What The Purpose Of This Is?  Is It Just A Keyring Fob, Or Does It Have A Real Use?


Following Are Some Neat Miscellaneous Items, From Both The Old And New Days

-They Speak For Themselves, So No Special Comments Are Needed From Yours Truly-


11/19/10 - From Jerry Williams – A 1920 Flyer!  Probably the oldest we’ll EVER see!








Now Back To The More Mundane, Like Report Cards!


   Program Card From Carol Jewell-Williams, Class Of '59                    Program Card From Bill Baur



          Athletic Transportation Pass From Bill Baur                     Student Identification Card From Bill Baur


PTA Meeting Announcement From Jerry Williams


Teacher And Room Assignment For The PTA Meeting Announcement, Above


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