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Last update 04/21/12


03/19/12 -  Bill Baur sent me this photo taken of him with Jim Brewer at the Sectional Final.

Bill's words:  This was taken after the Sectional final at Schaumburg.  What a thrill it was for me to sit next to the Legendary Jim Brewer at the game.


Proviso East lost a tough one to Simeon 60-58 in the State Championship final in Peoria on Saturday night.  Simeon was ranked #1 in the state and 3rd in the country.   The Pirates fought valiantly until the last second .  It was their only loss of the year.  They ended up with 33 wins and 1 loss, see photo below.



12/29/11 – Bill Baur identified some of the players in Jerry Williams football players 08/13/10 photo, below.


10/20/10 – Jerry Williams found a great photo of a ’48 football poster against Bloom.


09/21/10 – Jerry Williams found a great photo of the ’53 football schedule poster.


08/13/10 – Jerry Williams found a great photo of the ’53 football team.

Other than Coach Puplis, anyone recognize someone?  I’ll be glad to add their names.  1st/2nd, L/R order.

12/30/11 - Bill Baur named 3 of the above.  Ray Nitschke QB standing on the left.  Pete Fiorito FB on Ray's left.

Pete played at IL with Ray.  Fred Keys, #2, in the middle kneeling down.

Bill's words:  Those players were from the undefeated '53 team who captured the State Title beating Oak Park on the last game of the season by 1 point. I was standing outside the South End Zone when Proviso stopped Oak Park on the 1 yard line on downs and proceeded to march down the field with  2 minutes on the clock and scored a TD just before the time expired, and converted the extra point with no time on the clock, to beat Oak Park 20-19 & preserve their #1 ranking in the state.


08/05/10 – Back in June, Jerry Williams gave us this interesting poster from 1920!

What’s a Marblehead Game????


From The Provi

Kolschowsky - Kuczwara



There are Sports Nuts, and then there are SPORTS NUTS!

The following clippings are from Bill Baur's personal scrapbook!



First, There's Football!

But to have football, ya gotta have a great Coach, like Andy Puplis!


At the beginning of a new season



Football Champs!

I'd Hate To Run Into THESE Guys In A Dark Alley!


                      Andy Puplis Gives Advice            The Guys Take It From There!

                                                                  This Should Read:  Ben Witt (Left) and Tony Parrilli (Right)


     Next - The PTHS Football Greats!


                  Ray Nitschke                                  One of Proviso's All-Star Greats! - Ray Nitschke!


Nitschke Schtick-schke! 


                        News Clippings of The Suburban League - Before and After Nitschke



                  1953                                     Suburban League Writeup


Time To Hang Up His #66 Jersey And Move On


Some Interesting Nitschke Stats


Ray Signs One For Bill Baur


Ray Nitschke Was Voted The #10 Best Chicago Athlete Of All Time - The Following Commentary Is By Bill Baur

Each Sunday in the Sun-Times they announce one of the top 25 athletes that were from the Chicago area.

Nothing to do with their professional career.  In other words Michael Jordan would not be included because he is from NC.

I'm sure Nitschke will be the one & only from Proviso. #10 out of all the great athletes from Chicago, #10 ain't too bad.



Then, There Was Big Ed O'Bradovich!


Ed O'Bradovich Accepts Faith, And Loses Weight


O'Bradovich Rumbles


O'Bradovich And The Chicago Bears - The 1963 Season


O'Bradovich On The Run


Ticket To 1963 World Championship - Starring Ed O'Bradovich


Program For 1963 World Championship


Then, Also, There Was Jim Johnson


Next, There's Basketball!

'56 - DUNK IT!  And They're On Their Way To The Championship!


Coach Joe Hartley Gives Some Pointers

                            '56 - Ready, Aim, SHOOT!


Excuse me; can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?

Yes; PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  (Sorry, old joke :-)


Statistics Don't Lie


Then, There's Baseball!

Baseball Champs!


Suburban League Champions '55


Then There Was Lee Stange


Lee Stange With The White Sox


Why Lee Wasn't The PTHS Quarterback - 3 Guesses, 1st 2 don't count.


Next, There's Track!

Then There Were The Hurdlers!  HOW Did They NOT Break A Leg?


They Took Second Place!


Last, But Not Least, There's Wrestling

The PTHS '56 Mat Men!



Bill Taylor & Bernd Temmler - Star '57 State Champions!



                                                    Bill Taylor Putting An Opponent On The Mat!



1st Place - '57 State Champions!



A writeup, November, 2007, about Proviso Sports History, and famous Alumni

It includes a nice letter by Michael Finley on his feelings for PTHS



A BIG Thanks To:  Bill Baur, For His Scans


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