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Last Updated 04/22/12


02/05/11 – Jerry Williams sent me 16 photos, mostly of Roy Rogers, with the first 3 of old-time actors.














Roy Rogers real name was Leonard Slye, as one of the signers of the above.


Isn't Jerry clever, to have Roy give me his autograph???  Thanks, Jerry!!!


12/15/11 – Jerry Williams gave us the following 3 new entries to Westerns, featuring Roy Rogers.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who either of the other western stars are…

12/22/11 - After I admitted my lack of knowledge, above, Jerry wrote me to tell me the following. J

left  to right    tim holt, allen rocky lane, roy rogers  very important to know,.lololololo.........................................................jerry



On the left is some sort of Roy Rogers goodie, and on the right is a bunch of his fan mail.


12/20/10 – Tony Perrino sent me a link to a TV show that explains the beginning of The Lone Ranger!


10/21/10 – Joyce Henry-Zanoni gave us some neat stuff on the closing of the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum.

the era is over ... the memorabilia dispensed


Happy Trails, Roy & Dale

The Roy Rogers Museum has closed its doors forever.
Here is a partial listing of some of the items that were sold at auction.

Roy's 1964 Bonneville sold for $254,500, it was
estimated to sell between 100 and 150 thousand dollars.

His script book from the January 14, 1953 episode
of "This Is Your Life" sold for $10,000 (est. $800-$1,000)

A collection of signed baseballs

(Pete Rose, Duke Snyder and other greats) sold for $3,750.

A collection of signed bats (Yogi Berra, Enos
Slaughter, Bob Feller, and others) sold for $2,750.

Trigger's saddle and bridle sold for $386,500 (est. 100-150K)

One of many of Roy 's shirts sold for $16,250 and
one of his many cowboy hats sold for $17,500.

One set of boot spurs sold for $10,625. Although
he never used a set of spurs on Trigger.

A life size shooting gallery sold for $27,500.
This is really neat.  You should see it.

Various chandeliers sold from $6,875 to $20,000.
Very unique and artistic in their western style.

A signed photograph by Don Larsen taken during
his perfect game in the world series against the Dodgers on Oct.8, 1953, along
with a signed baseball to Roy from Don, sold for $2,500

Two fabulous limited edition BB guns in their original
boxes with numerous photos of Roy, Dale, Gabby, and Pat sold for $3,750.

A collection of memorabilia from his shows entertaining
the troops in Vietnam sold for $938. I never knew he was there.
God bless him.  His flight jacket sold for $7,500.

His set of dinner ware plates and silverware sold for $11,875.

The Holy Bible they used at the dinner table every night sold for $8,750.

One of several of his guitars sold for $27,500.

Nellybelle (his jeep) sold for $116,500.

A fabulous painting of Roy , Dale, Pat, Buttermilk,
Trigger, and Bullet sold for $10,625.
One of several sets of movie posters sold for $18,750.

A black and white photograph of Gene Autry with
a touching inscription from Gene to Roy sold for $17,500.

A Republic Productions Poster
bearing many autographs of the people that
played in Roy 's movies sold for $11,875.

Dale's horse, Buttermilk (whose history is very
interesting) sold below the presale estimate for $25,000. (est. 30-40K)

Bullet sold for $35,000 (est. 10-15K). He was their real pet.

Dale's parade saddle, estimated to sell between 20-30K, sold for $104,500.

One of many pairs of Roy 's boots sold for $21,250.

Trigger sold for $266,500.

Do you remember the 1938 movie "The Adventures of Robinhood" with Errol Flynn
and Olivia de Havilland? Well, Olivia rode Trigger in that movie. Trigger
was bred on a farm co-owned by Bing Crosby. Roy bought Trigger on a time
payment plan for $2,500. Roy and Trigger made 188 movies together. Trigger
even out did Bob Hope by winning an Oscar in the movie "Son of Paleface" in 1953.

In conclusion, I have to admit that this has made my eyes water.

It is  extremely sad to me to see this era lost forever.
Despite the fact that Gene and Roy 's movies, as well as those of other
great characters, can be bought or rented for viewing, today's kids would
rather spend their time playing video games. Today it takes a very
special pair of parents to raise their kids with the right values and morals.
These were the great heroes of our childhood, and they did teach us
right from wrong, and how to have and show respect for each other and the animals
that share this earth.

You and I were born at the right time. We were able to grow up with these
great people even if we never met them. In their own way they taught us
patriotism and honor, we learned that lying and cheating were bad, and sex
wasn't as important as love. We learned how to suffer through
disappointment and failure and work through it.


So it's good-bye to Roy and Dale, and Gene and Hoppy, The Lone Ranger and
Tonto. Farewell to Sky King and Superman and Sgt. Friday. Best wishes and
thanks to Capt. Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers and Capt. Noah and all those people
whose lives touched ours, and made them better.

I had hoped to one day visit the Roy Rogers museum and the Gene Autry
one as well, but now they no longer exist.

It was a great ride through childhood. 

This was a great update. ... Author unknown.

I agree, it was a great ride ...


Roy, Dale & Dusty

Roy and Bullet the wonder dog




Roy Rogers Riders Club Rules:

1. Be neat and clean.
2. Be courteous and polite.
3. Always obey your parents.
4. Protect the weak and help them.
5. Be brave but never take chances.
6. Study hard and learn all you can.
7. Be kind to animals and take care of them.
8. Eat all your food and never waste any.
9. Love God and go to Sunday school regularly.
10. Always respect our flag and our country.


Sadly, at the end of December, 2009, the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum, in Branson, MO, closed.


07/11/10 – Christie’s, if the link still works, announced they were auctioning off hundreds of Roy/Dale memorabilia.


07/11/10 – Jerry Williams gave me the following certificate, that I shall ALWAYS cherish!  Thanks, Jerry!


07/11/10 - Be sure to check BOTH updates, one from Jerry Williams, one from Mike Kowal, many photos.


07/10/10 – Jerry Williams gave us the following Roy Rogers mementoes, some from the Christie’s auction.


Copies of Roy’s down payment, and final sale invoices, on his purchase of Trigger, back in 1943. 



Great photos of both Roy playing his guitar, and Trigger in the museum.


When Roy wasn’t riding Trigger, he was ‘riding’ his cherished ’64 Pontiac Bonneville, fully ‘equiped’.



     Can you say, ‘SADDLE’?              Remember This Is Your Life, on TV, with Ralph Edwards?



Dale Evans, Queen Of The Cowgirls, and Buttermilk at the museum.   Then there’s Bullet, Roy’s dog.



           A whole showcase of Roy, and Trigger, memorabilia.                  Roy’s beautiful belt buckle.


07/10/10 – Mike Kowal gave us following Roy Rogers mementoes.


               Entrance to the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum            A BEAUTIFUL statue of Trigger!



          A Roy Rogers shooting gallery?  YIKES!!!!               This photo’s got the whole bunch, except for Dale.




              Nellybelle, the faithful jeep in Roy’s movies.          A treat, to watch Roy’s movies while you’re there.



               They even had The Sons Of The Pioneers!         Roy’s son, Roy Rogers Jr., aka Dusty, gave a live show.


02/12/10 – Jerry Williams found the following Roy Rogers mementoes, and NEW COWBOY STAMPS!


Can’t you just imagine kids having those today?  The stamps are due out 04/17/10.


02/12/10 – Jerry Williams found the following Hollywood Blvd. stars for Roy, Dale, and Gene!



01/31/10 – Jerry Williams actually found a photo of Roy, in an ad, playing the guitar!


11/15/09 – Jerry Williams provided the following 2 memorable items for our enjoyment!


    A postcard from their latest museum.               A whole set of pins collected by a happy kid.


First, let me take a moment to tell you how this page got started.



I was emailing with Jerry Williams about his BIO, and somewhere along the line he mentioned how he always loved westerns, especially Roy Rogers.  When I read that, I actually got a chill, since, from age 8, to about 14, I'd created a Roy Rogers scrapbook!  I couldn't believe that I'd run into someone over 50 years later, who'd actually felt the same way about them, and ALSO had a collection of Roy Rogers and other cowboys memoribilia.  With TWO of us having collections, I just HAD to create this page, with the hope there are others like Jerry and me, wanting to take a trip back to see the old westerns!


Okay, Cowboys and Cowgirls, hmmm, did girls actually LOVE westerns like the boys did?



It's now Saturday afternoon at the Melrose Theater, where we'd watch 3 Westerns just about every Saturday.

IF you went to the Melrose, you'd get two nickle bags of Pudgies popcorn, from his scooter outside, to take in with you.


                       Remember These Posters From The Melrose Theater - 3 Every Saturday Afternoon!


                                         PLUS We Got A 15 Minute Serial, Like Flash Gordon!


The structure of this page is simple; it's mostly just photos, with a few explanations; few are needed, right?


Now, I'm not sure how this will turn out, but I actually scanned all 17 pages of my Roy Rogers Scrapbook.

I'm hoping that other die-hard western fans, like Jerry and me, will enjoying looking at it.


Please note that if any of the following links don't work, it's because the website/page has been taken down.

To begin with, here's a great YouTube video of:  'Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott'  It includes everyone!

Here's a second website, with the same song, plus 'High Noon', and even MORE wonderful photos of everyone!

Here's a third website of photos, with Willie Nelson singing, 'My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys'!


                             FIRST, We're Gonna Do Those OTHER Few Cowboys :-)


                    Up First Is Rex Allen - Back In '52, I Was Lucky Enough To Do 'Travels With My Aunt'

                       Not Auntie Mame, But Aunt Claire Who Took Me To SO. CA For A Whole MONTH!

                          We Went To Every Studio, And, While At Republic, Here's Rex On The Set.

                                 I Know They're From A Distance, But For A Kid Of 12?  Heaven!



                  Next Up Is Gene Autry, Or Gene Artery To Those Of Us Who Liked Roy Rogers Better :-)

                    Jerry Williams Liked Both, But In My Crowd It Was One Or 'Tuther.  Kinda Like Trains;

                  You Could Be A Lionel Lover, OR, An  American Flyer Lover, But No One I Knew Loved BOTH.


                          Who Didn't Sing Along With Gene Autry on 'Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer'?


                           In 1998, Gene Autry Movies Returned, But Only On VHS At First





                            Gene's Obituary Heading From The Chicago Tribune, October, 1998


                   Return With Us Now To Those Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear... The Lone Ranger Rides Again!


                                                    Clayton Moore's Obituary - 1999


02/26/09 - Here's A Beautiful Powerpoint Photo Presentation On The History Of The American Indian


02/26/09 - The Following 7 Photos Are Compliments Of Jerry Williams



              Roy's Handprints, Etc. At Grauman's Chinese                       Roy's Double R Bar Ranch Home

         Theater, In Hollywood.  I've Actually Put Mine In His!


         What Most Every Young Cowboy Wanted In Our Day                And, The Cowgirls Wanted This Set



 I Went Home For Lunch, But Wish I Had One!     Roy Honored By His Ohio Home           A Great Photo Of Trigger


Now, let's get to all the photos from our Roy Rogers collections going backwards in time, from 2001 to 1947


AND, If You Don't Pay Attention, Roy Will Yell, Bullet! Go!


Here Is Dale Evans' Obituary, From 2001 - Sorry, It's A Little Hard To Read



                      Classy, even in her 80's               A note that Dale put on the Internet after Roy died.

                    Click Here to read her BIO


                                            A Commentary On Roy and Dale As Role Models


 Here Is Roy Rogers' Obituary, From 1998 - I Was Living In San Antonio, TX - Sorry; It, Too, Is  Hard To Read






             Both columns continued in the next panel --->


      Roy Rogers On Life Magazine Cover             Republic Studios, Where They Starred


King Of The Cowboys!  Notice Dale & Roy's Signatures; They Virtually MADE Republic Studios!


Roy And Dale Had Their Museum, In Victorville, CA.  Jerry And Carol Williams Visited It

Jerry's Commentary:  Carol and I went to museum in Victorville, CA in 1999 on way to Las Vegas, after leaving Disneyland.

It was great, in  a log fort; Trigger, Trigger JR., Buttermilk, Nellybell, Bullet, all there, thousands of things to see.  I

have pictures somewhere here of it.  A few years ago, I heard it moved to Branson, MO. Would like to go  again if gas

ever has a price drop.  When we were there, Dale was still alive. Good to hear I'm not the only cowboy crazy person.


   The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum                    Roy & Dale are buried in the Victorville Cemetery.


              Here's photos of Jerry in the museum.                    Didn't They Make A Beautiful Couple?


         His funny commentary:  This is from the   

         Roy & Dale museum, bottom picture is

         Trigger and me, he was behind glass.

         Trigger JR. above, was not.  I did pat

         his rear; not suppose to but no one

         around, so what the heck, went for it.


Dale Evans - Queen Of The West


                                                                             As A Blonde, No Less


               Roy and Dale                   Dale And Buttermilk                  Roy And Trigger



                   Last, But Not Least By Any Means, My '47 - '53 Roy Rogers Scrapbook



                                                      Page 1



                                                              Page 2



                                                              Page 3



                                                              Page 4



                                                              Page 5



                                                             Page 6



                                                              Page 7     



                                                              Page 8



                                                              Page 9



                                                              Page 10



                                                              Page 11



                                                              Page 12



                                                              Page 13



                                                              Page 14



                                                              Page 15



                                    End Of Scrapbook - Hope You Enjoyed My 6 Year Obsession!


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