Officially Called The Student Directory

The Boys Dubbed It 'The Wolf Book', For Obvious Reasons!

Ow Oooo!

We Had All The Girls' Addresses And Phone Numbers Right In Front Of Us! :-)


Interestingly enough, there are 809 listed below, but only 696 graduated.

Those numbers reflect a drop of almost 14%.  Did that many drop out back then?

Here's Bill Baur's Audit Of Who-Lived-Where:

                                    Maywood           223

                                    Melrose Park      138

                                    Forest Park       119

                                    Bellwood             98

                                    Broadview           64

                                    Westchester       62

                                    Hillside              33

                                    Berkeley            26

                                    Northlake          24

                                    Stone Park         15

                                    Elmhurst             5

                                    Yorkfield             1

                                    Hines                 1



These 8 Were Listed In The Industrial Arts Homeroom


Begging The Obvious, Here's The Rest Of The Wolf Book, In Alphabetical Order























Thanks Go Out To Bill Baur And His Brother, Tom, For Giving Us The Wolf Book!


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